Age of Empires IV has been released and is available to purchase now for Windows PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. With the sequel, players can expect a brand new chapter in the globally acclaimed real-time strategy series. Microsoft is once again making it particularly easy for Game Pass subscribers – they can play the title “for free” as part of the service for PC. 

In Age of Empires IV, players experience epic battles again in historical locations from the Middle Ages. And around the release, Microsoft is celebrating the entire strategy series with a community campaign: Well-known streamers and AoE fans reveal what makes the brand so special for them. Well-known faces of the German age community share their best moments, chat up close and personal and talk about strategy tips.

Story over 500 years of history

The real-time strategy series Age of Empires is finally entering the next round. Fans had to wait a long time for Age of Empires IV, now the game is here. At the moment, competition is only coming from within our own ranks: The title is in a duel with the grandiose Age of Empires 2 - Definitive Edition. It is clear that the fourth part of the series has to mature - by no means everything is perfect, content even seems to be missing when you compare the new release with what has excited players for decades. Nevertheless, AoE 4 has found its place because it is more modern and visually fresher. For the developers at Relic, Age of Empires IV is the first attempt at walking and standing in the long tradition of the real-time strategy classic.

In any case, there are enough features for the first few hours of play at the start. If everything is done, the multiplayer mode will have to show whether Age of Empires IV can survive in the long term. It's easy to get started: In a comprehensive tutorial system, players get to know the basics of the title and learn initial strategies.

For the games they also choose eight diverse civilizations from all over the world - from the English to the Chinese to the Delhi Sultanate and its war elephants.

The story mode is especially exciting: In a total of four campaigns, 35 missions await the players, spanning more than 500 years of history - from the dark ages to the renaissance. Also included: historical personalities. On the way to fame, players experience the adventures of Joan of Arc in her battle against the English or as Genghis Khan command the mighty Mongolian troops.

The heart of Age of Empires IV is not least the multiplayer part: In multiplayer mode, players compete against up to seven other players and take part in various PvP and PvE modes.


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