Age of Empires 4 is in development, but it's pretty quiet about the successor that will end a long dry spell for fans. When is the time? There is no solid information on this. According to a new rumor, Microsoft could go public with news as early as April. Gamesbeat's Jeff Grubb pointed out a possible April 10 event.

Age of Empires 15 appeared over 3 years ago, the direct predecessor of the fourth part that Microsoft is currently developing. World's Edge and Relic Entertainment studios are responsible for this and seem to be making good progress. That was confirmed at least at the beginning of the year when studio manager Shannon Loftis announced that the strategy game was making “great strides”. It is in a playable state. Even more: Loftis said they play the title “every day” - both in Washington and in Vancouver. When the release of Age of Empires 4 is planned, it is still uncertain. According to Loftis, however, improvements and bug fixes were the focus of the development process at the beginning of the year.

Age of Empires 4: release soon?

It all sounds like it won't be much time before Age of Empires 4 is released. This could possibly even be the case later in the year. It is currently planned to bring the real-time strategy game for PC on the market, but the developers are also discussing whether a version for Xbox is feasible. In any case, there is no specific release date yet. That could change soon, however, at least rumors suggest that Microsoft is planning an event for April that will address Age of Empires 4.

This emerges from a statement by Gamesbeats Jeff Grubb, who explicitly mentions April 10th as the date for an event in connection with Age of Empires 4. In the video, Grubb also says that Microsoft would announce the game "pretty soon".


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Increased event activity from Microsoft would not be entirely unlikely. The group had announced that it would hold several events in the coming months, also with regard to the plans for E3. Because there is not that much time left until April 10th, it can be assumed that Microsoft will also officially confirm a possible event shortly - at least if the rumor contains a true core. As always, nothing has been confirmed at the moment, it is speculation.

Fans yearn for new information about Age of Empires 4 and can't wait for a release date to be announced. Not surprising after the long wait for a real successor. Although Microsoft had only released the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires 3 last year and it also contains some new content, this is not a full replacement for a successor, especially for those who already have Age of Empires 3 from the original Release in 2015 have played persistently. In any case, the expectations for Age of Empires 4 are immensely high: The predecessor received above-average reviews, even if one or the other player criticized the historical inaccuracies.

Source: Gamesbeat

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