Age of Conan has received a new update. Under the title "Onslaught", the Norwegian development studio Funcom has expanded the MMO oldie with a strong license with a variety of new content. The Age of Conan servers have been running for twelve years now - and there is still no end in sight. 

Old barbarians apparently still bring it. The Norwegian studio Funcom must at least be of this conviction, which has given its old MMORPG Age of Conan - Unchained a comprehensive update. The content for the free-2-play MMO encompasses more than just new shop content or cosmetic gadgets: fans can expect a whole range of new content.

Age of Conan: New quests, new loot, new game mode

The heart of the new update to Age of Conan is the eponymous game mode "Onslaught". It's about fighting new waves of enemies as a group in order to ultimately finish off a powerful boss. The highlight: the level of difficulty increases with every wave.

A new one-minute trailer shows some gameplay impressions:


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As a reward for the effort, of course, there are new equipment items and other useful loot, including gems, which can be used to improve the equipment. The new Onslaught-exclusive Mythic Relics can be exchanged at a vendor.

So that players can survive the waves at all, killed opponents drop potions, which then strengthen the offensive or defensive, heal or grant the ability to hit multiple opponents. In addition, various events take place around the ivory dome, in which the aim is to defeat powerful enemies.

More information is available on the official website at

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