Kickstarter has a loyal community that keeps bringing new board game ideas to market, this week the campaign for The Age of Atlantis began, a game that attracts attention just because of its design.

Das Spiel wird von El Dorado Games umgesetzt, zwei Freunde die bereits in 2017 ihr erstes Spiel ‚The Island of El Dorado‘ auf Kickstarter verwirklichten. Fünf weitere erfolgreiche Spiele folgten, und auch die Umsetzung von The Age of Atlantis seems to succeed. Even if Kickstarter campaigns still have some risks, the two are already experienced in putting games into production.

Let Poseidon grow!

In The Age of Atlantis you are in a time before the great flood, in an alternate past. The inhabitants of this city were able to invent machines that help them to protect their city from danger. These machines are called Myths. Together the players build a city, but who can keep the political upper hand?

A special feature of the stretch goals of this campaign is probably the statue of the god Poseidon, whom the inhabitants of Atlantis worship. Placed in the middle of the game board, he oversees the city, and the more supporters the game finds, the bigger the stature of Poseidon becomes.

In-house supporter. Image rights: El Dorado Games

And other mystical machines are part of the game; Centaur, Pegasus, Cerberus or Minotaur. Each of the four wealthy families has moved a mystical companion of the resources or residents and protected its buildings from attacks. But if you fail to protect your residents, you will feel Poseidon's wrath. That person can flush all the houses from the field with a flood and then it's time to start all over again.

While building the city according to your preferences, you have to watch out for attackers, but also keep an eye on your own workers. These are essential and must be kept happy. In the end, the family with the most political influence wins.

The game is still in the development phase and is constantly being adapted. If you want to be part of the process, you can access the tabletop simulator Steam connect and express your opinion on Discord to the creators.

The structure of the game in the current Kickstarter version. Image rights: El Dorado Games

The engine building game should be possible with up to four players but also as a solo version, with 35 minutes per player you can estimate the playing time. Since the game is very strategically designed, the creators recommend it from the age of 13, but the rulebook should be kept short and concise. With only four pages it reads quickly and the real twists and turns develop in the game. It is not yet certain whether German instructions will be available in PDF format. One can definitely be excited when it comes to building Atlantis.

Fans can join the crowdfunding campaign from around 53 euros. The finished copies are to be shipped in June 2021.

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