The history of the dice game series “Again!” the story is far from over. In autumn, a child-friendly version will appear as an autumn novelty from Verlag Schmidt Spiele. The author duo Inka and Markus Brand are again responsible for the implementation. The children's game offshoot is also about maximizing scores, embedded in an animal theme.

The breeze again! Kids is aimed at two to four players aged five and over. The basic game principle is again based on that of the popular series by Inka and Markus Brand from 2016. In the meantime, Schmidt had games with the “Encore!” Expansion. published additional, differently structured blocks that changed the gameplay.

Child-friendly roll-and-write with an animal theme

Presenting children with a check pad and dice is not enough for them to have fun. So the children's play version of Again! embedded in a little story that can be read from the design of the game box. Visitor queues form in front of the zoo. Young and old want to see their animal heroes. But before that can happen, they have to be fed by the keepers.

And this is exactly where the children are supposed to be at Nochmal! Help kids now. You have to completely cross as many columns as possible on your own game sheet in order not to only take care of the two- and four-legged friends and thereby collect points. As soon as a player has been able to completely tick two animal species on his hand, the game ends and the scoring phase follows. Whoever collects the most points wins. The publisher specifies the playing time as a whopping 15 minutes.

It's also colorful in the children's game spin-off Again! to. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

It's also colorful in the children's game spin-off Again! to. Image rights: Schmidt Spiele

As in the template, children tick on their personal game sheet, which contains different colored animal enclosures. Each color stands for an animal. In turn the dice are rolled. The active player can always choose one of the three dice and tick the corresponding enclosure. This die is blocked for the other players, but they can choose one of the two remaining dice. Players collect points by being able to tick columns completely.

The idea of ​​optimization is also relieved, but recognizable again, in the case of Nochmal! Kids: To get closer to victory and to secure bonus points, all enclosures of one color should be checked.

The "original" were praised by fans and critics. Despite the comparatively simple game principle, developed again! a spiral of addiction that motivates new attempts. The reason: You are working on increasing your score. Because that works great on its own, again! as a popular solo title that has meanwhile also appeared as an app game.

Once again! Kids will be published by Schmidt Spiele as an autumn novelty 2020 and costs around 13 euros.

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