Private Division and Piccolo Studio are proud to announce that After Us is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. As the spirit of life, Gaia, players explore a surreal world and heal a desolate and broken planet by reviving animal spirits. This third-person adventure combines platforming, puzzle-solving, and Piccolo Studio's signature emotional storytelling to create an unforgettable experience.

In After Us, players will traverse numerous biomes, carefully navigate high-wires high above the wasteland of a crumbling city, navigate treacherous waters surrounding sunken ships, and dodge deadly traps while trying to avoid the watchful gaze of the Devourers – oil-smeared, rampaging foes who want to destroy the remaining life. Using her Life Blast ability, Gaia radiates energy and light to revegetate the barren lands, grow mighty trees, and open new pathways.

More than just a game


With After Us, we wanted to create a title that would inspire and challenge gamers,” said Jordi Ministral, Game Director of Piccolo Studio. “At its core, we're asking what kind of world we're going to leave behind. Ultimately, while the game may seem bleak at times, we want to share a message of hope and we can't wait to see players' reactions."

Over 100 different animal spirits can be collected in After Us. In doing so, the players learn more about the ultimate fate of various sublime animals, such as the last whale to be harpooned, the last eagle caught or the last deer to be hunted down. Each new environment offers new challenges and tells the tales of these animals' final moments before they are dramatically reborn. In addition to these meaningful spirits, players can discover a number of other animals - cats, squirrels, fish, horses and many more. Once found, these animals begin to show themselves around the world - as cheerful spiritual images of Earth's former inhabitants.

Through imaginative and compelling storytelling through the environment, After Us lets players unveil what has happened to our planet. You will encounter magnificent vistas, and dramatic, devastated landscapes that make you think. What decisions led to the creation of this wasteland? Players will unlock hidden memories that will bring before them the drama and beauty of everyday life. They will solve puzzles that allow them to glimpse the devastating deeds that gave rise to this world. And finally, by unraveling all mysteries, players will uncover the full story behind After Us.

“After Us should not only entertain players, but open their eyes. We're incredibly proud to release this title today," said Naomi Steele, Senior Producer at Private Division. "The developers at Piccolo Studio are proving their strengths and ability to create an unconventional game that is sure to make a deeply felt, poignant impression."

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