After the Kickstarter for "Magical Friends - and How to Summon Them" was successful a few weeks ago, there is news and the game suddenly appears in the game forge on. Here we explain why this is so and what the reasons are. Update: After one day, the game has already reached the first goal.
First of all, the fact that the game is now appearing on another crowdfunding platform despite the successful Kickstarter is nothing negative and no cause for concern. Instead, there are very good reasons. It's all about making the game even better - even for those who have already backed the game on Kickstarter. While there were enough Kickstarter backers to fund the game, there were some goals that weren't met. The games forge is now a way of realizing these goals later and incorporating them into the game.

What improvement goals are there?

So far there are three goals that can be achieved:

1. Asymmetric Player Skills (from €2.307) – already achieved.
2. Box Cover Improvements (from €7.307)
3. Custom Cubes (from €12.307)
Anyone who supports the project in the forge can secure the German or English version of the game and other additional rewards, such as acrylic creature displays or an art book.
While the last two goals are fairly self-explanatory (and have yet to be accomplished), let's take a closer look at asymmetric abilities.
Asymmetrical skills are skills that change over the course of the game and, for example, become stronger. However, this advantage does not come by itself, but requires good preparation and later more resources.
The author (Klemens Luger) illustrates this in the Kickstarter campaign updates using the example of Donny Darkmatter:
He has the ability to give one of your friends the ability to poison another being. This ability requires a spell power to activate.
Starting on turn 3, Donny can instead directly poison a creature anywhere on the board that hasn't been poisoned before, but this ability requires two spell powers.
Finally, on turns 6 and 7, Donny can kill any poisoned creature on the board (friend or foe), but he needs three spell powers to do so.
Asymmetrical skills thus increase the playing possibilities and bring new tactical elements with them. If I manage to keep a character until the end and use it sensibly, I have powerful abilities at my disposal towards the end of the game.

Win win for everyone?

Going to the game forge seems to be worthwhile for everyone, even if it is surprising at first. If you missed the Kickstarter, you still have the chance to get in. The author and his team have the opportunity to expand and improve the game and everyone who buys the game, whether forge or Kickstarter, will receive the game with the unlocked games. A win for everyone.
But when is the time? The games are scheduled to ship in August 2023.

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