Gaming hardware manufacturer Roccat, Turtle Beach's Hamburg PC team, has launched the new "Kain" gaming mouse series. Players can now choose from three different models in different price ranges: the Kain 100 Aimo, the Kain 120 Aimo and the wireless luxury model, the Kain 200 Aimo. While the mid-priced models are already available, the wireless variant is available for pre-order and is scheduled for release in October.

The Kain Gaming mouse series announced at this year's E3 has been available for purchase in the European and Asian markets for a few days. The US release is scheduled for October. In order to provide players with maximum precision in the field of gaming hardware, the new Kain series offers Roccat's so-called "Titan Click" mechanics for the first time.

New gaming mice: Kain series with three models

With the novel mechanics Roccat lures in the official announcement that this line of PC gaming mice is one of the fastest and most powerful on the market. In addition, there is a modern shape, low weight and a new type of hybrid performance coating for good grip and ergonomics.
The new Roccat gaming mice are available in a black and a white version. Image: Roccat

The new Roccat gaming mice are available in a black and a white version. Image: Roccat

In terms of price, two of the mice are in the middle class, one of them in the upper segment: The Roccat Kain 100 AIMO and the Kain 120 AIMO with an upgrade for the sensor are available for an RRP of 49,99 euros and 69,99 euros, respectively. The luxury model of the new gaming mouse series, on the other hand, is the wireless Kain 200 AIMO with the latest wireless technology, which can be pre-ordered for 99,99 euros and, according to Roccat, is expected to go on sale in October.
The Hamburg PC team recently had two new Roccat gaming keyboards on the market, which also rely on titanium technologies.
Turtle Beach's general manager for PC products, René Korte, is convinced of the new mouse series: “Our completely rebuilt Kain mouse series offers PC gamers Roccats Core elements of precision and performance, packaged in an elegant case. the Cain feels just right the first time you touch it, reallygreat, ”comments Korte.
In combination with other AIMO-compatible devices, the desktop is transformed into the perfect PC gaming ecosystem with breathtaking lighting scenarios.
René Korte, General Manager for PC Products at Turtle Beach
Hardware manufacturer Roccat developed the new Kain mouse series to not only bring the fastest mouse to the market, but also one that feels the best. Players will be able to choose from three different Kain models, both wired and wireless.
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The Kain 100 AIMO offers rubberized side surfaces for an optimal hold paired with 8.500 dpi. The Kain 120 AIMO is equipped with a unique, non-slip hybrid performance coating that feels really good and at the same time is hard-wearing and dirt-repellent. Equipped with an updated OwlEye sensor, this version offers 16.000 dpi. As a third, wireless version, the Kain 200 AIMO will have the latest wireless technology on board and, like all three Kain mice, will be available in Ash Black and Arctic White.
Roccat is a German hardware manufacturer. In 2019, the listed Turtle Beach took over the hardware forge. More information about the Roccat line-up developed in Germany is available at 

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