Cryptocurrencies are booming - even if it doesn't always look like it, prices should collapse. More and more so-called altcoins, i.e. “successors” to Bitcoin, are coming onto the market. Some stand for a technological leap, others rely on the tried and tested and still others see themselves as fun currencies with a basic background. Whether Bitcoin, Ada, Shiba Inu, Doge Coin, Sanshu Inu or Safemoon: it's always about money. A Swiss company now wants to revolutionize the video game industry with a games coin.

The Swiss company Valchain sees itself facing nothing less than the revolution in the games industry: The company, which was founded in 2021, wants to establish a complete ecosystem for developers and players with the Games Coin. The Games Coin is intended to turn digital content into tradable objects. The basic idea should therefore lead to virtual objects becoming more or less real.

The Swiss company was founded by Alex Suárez, who has also headed the Frankfurt Core X Group for over 15 years, which has made a name for itself as a creative studio and publisher for casual games. With Herbert Sterchi, an expert for blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, who was involved in the development of Ethereum and worked with Joseph Lubin, Valchain has expertise in the field of innovative crypto technologies.

Revolution in view

Cryptocurrencies have long since become an issue with gamers - and, as is so often the case in the video game segment, capital goods are not really taken for granted, even when real money is flowing. Fun tokens like Shiba Inu, Sanshu Inu or Safemoon stand as community experiments for a new kind of crypto coins: It's mainly about fun, humor and memes - even if the charts of the currencies sometimes described as "Shitcoins" show real money rates. Depending on the coin, there are millions of them for 25 euros. Gamers expect quick money, but then quickly learn that patience is the key to success. Crypto is booming - and no longer just as an investment, but as a kind of internet fun.

The Valchain company is much more serious than the factory. There they are developing a complete blockchain ecosystem for game developers and gamers. With the help of state-of-the-art blockchain technology, virtual game content is to be turned into real, tradable objects. That's not all: together with the Games Coin, Valchain offers a platform for developers who can use it to make their games "more interesting", according to the project announcement.

Connected is an investment program to promote innovative game studios that share the vision of Valchain and the fusion of gaming and crypto technology. According to Valchain, the first games are in development and are about to be released.

The experiences of Alex Suárez and Herbert Sterchi flow together in the Valchain. Suárez has headed the Frankfurt Core X Group, which develops and publishes games, for over 15 years. The company's best-known titles include King of Castles, the small ICE and the blockchain-based game Crypto Shooter.

What once began with Bitcoin is now a gigantic market - modern coins in particular also represent technologies that are superior to Bitcoin.

What once began with Bitcoin is now a gigantic market - modern coins in particular also represent technologies that are superior to Bitcoin.

Herbert Sterchi is an expert in IT, blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. He saw the potential of Ethereum early on and brought the developers behind the project to Zug in the Crypto Valley to help them get off to the best possible start. He also works among other things
cooperates with ConsenSys AG from Ethereum sponsor Joseph Lubin and has headed Codex Execution GmbH, which develops blockchain technologies for companies, since 2017. “In ten years there will hardly be a computer game without crypto technology. With the help of NFTs, we can already see that virtual values ​​are establishing themselves in our society.

Gaming is right there, we connect digital objects with real values. Most gamers play with passion and are willing to invest a lot of time and money in their favorite games. With the Games Coin and our platform for developers, you will soon be able to really own everything and transfer it to other games. We will see completely new game concepts because we are giving one of the most innovative technologies to an extremely creative scene. Crypto technology will fundamentally change games, ”says CEO Alex Suárez.

“In other industries, companies are intensively looking for applications for blockchain and crypto solutions. In the case of computer games, however, these cases are completely obvious: In gaming, creative developers come together with tech-savvy players. The possibilities of blockchain technology are almost unlimited; together with the Games Coin, this can mean that the gaming market can become larger than the film and music industry in the future. Such innovative blockchain companies are funded in the canton of Zug.

Our headquarters here in the Crypto Valley bring us together with the most important drivers of this technology in order to develop and implement completely new concepts for crypto-based games, ”explains Herbert Sterchi, Managing Director of Valchain. The Valchain will also rely on the support of Tangany as part of the Games Coin ecosystem. The Munich-based company is supervised by BaFin as a financial services institution, is a leading crypto custodian and specialist in blockchain solutions.

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