Aerosoft donated 1.000 euros to the Broich fire engine of the Mülheim an der Ruhr volunteer fire brigade. The detailed replica of the Mülheim fire station is the starting point for all operations in the games Emergency Call 112 and Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Brigade Simulation 2.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the fire station, Aerosoft has created a realistic fire brigade simulation with emergency call 112, which has made a name for itself in the simulation industry with a large community.

In the game it is possible to choose between different units. For example, the player can become a platoon leader, squad leader or machinist and carry out their tasks in randomly generated operational scenarios. These scenarios include, among other things, extinguishing house fires, car accidents involving cars and trucks or rescuing people who were trapped in such accidents.

The game has a freely accessible game world, a night mode and realistic spread of fire, as well as the option to take on assignments from the professional or volunteer fire brigade as you wish. The roof truss fire will soon find its way into emergency call 112.

Aerosoft is looking forward to further cooperation with the Mülheim fire brigade and to mutually benefiting from each other.

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