With the support of the Spieleschmiede, Giant Roc want to add an expansion to their game Tekhenu. As is well known, the whole thing is to be financed via crowdfunding - and in fact it has already been done. The campaign runs until mid-September.

The expansion adds a second game board, among other things, on which it is possible to follow Seth's orders and conquer surrounding regions. Those who are successful in this will be richly rewarded, but must also be aware that the use of soldiers has a negative effect on the balance of the soul.

Priests to the front

In addition to soldiers, priests can now also be gathered who can prove useful in obtaining artifacts. Newly introduced cult cards reward not only those who have met their condition, but also everyone else in the group, albeit not to the same extent.

Otherwise, the obelisk and its shadow remain at the center of the game by Daniele Tascini and Dávid Turczi: In your turn you choose exactly one cube to produce a resource according to the color of the cube, or one, depending on the selected area To carry out God's action.

Anyone interested in the era of Seth can still do the project until September 15, 2021 in the Spieleschmiede support to realize a German edition. In addition to the expansion, you can also secure a copy of the basic game.

In principle, potential interested parties can approach the matter in a relaxed manner, because the Schmiede campaign has not only reached its targeted financing target of required EUR 3.750 long ago, it has exceeded it by far. Well over 200 supporters have already found each other to pump at least 25 euros into the project. Given the quality of the board game, this is hardly surprising. In the BGG rating, Tekhenu got an average rating of 7,9, which alone is an indication of what is behind the title, which is visually impressive, but at the same time the good looks are not everything.

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