The new titles in the Aeon's End series by Frosted Games were recently published by Pegasus Spiele. This is announced by the publisher and informed: The cooperative deck building game Aeon's End - For Eternity! is a stand-alone base game and brings two new expansions with it - Aeon's End: The Void and Aeon's End: Behind the Darkness. All titles can also be combined with other games in the Aeon's End series.

In Aeon's End - For Eternity! One to four end of the game, ages ten and up, slip into the role of powerful crack magicians who defend the fortress of the last rest. With unique skills and powerful spells, they fight the nameless ones and their hordes. Forward planning, well thought-out deck management and good teamwork help the players to protect the last bastion in the world.

New food for fans of the co-op deck building game

Aeon's End - For Eternity! by Kevin Riley is a cooperative deck building game. That means, the players fight together against the arch enemies. While new game ends are gradually introduced to the game thanks to the detailed instructions, players who are already familiar with the first basic game, Aeon's End, can start playing right away: Eight new rift magicians, four new arch enemies and numerous new spells and artifacts await and crystals. The new opponents, and with them the playful challenges, are much more demanding than in the first basic game.

The basic game principles of Aeon's End, which was honored by the jury Game of the Year with a place on the recommendation list Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021, are also retained in the new basic game: The assembled deck of cards is never shuffled, but always played in the same order. The players should therefore pay special attention to when they buy and play which cards. While the players fight the respective archenemy and improve their decks, the latter attacks the fortress, acquires new skills and recruits lackeys for his horde. The moves of the archenemy and the end of the game take place in random order - the end of the game should therefore always be well prepared for the attacks of their opponents. Aeon's End - For Eternity! can be played as a standalone game or as an extension to Aeon's End.

With the new base game, two new expansions have also appeared: Aeon's End: The Void and Aeon's End: Behind the Darkness. These each bring new crystals, artifacts, spells and minions, as well as two new archenemies and two new rift magicians into play. Each new archenemy of the two expansions poses different challenges. Even more variance and increased replay incentive are guaranteed. The two expansions are especially for the new base game Aeon's End - For Eternity! suitable, but can also be combined with the first Aeon's End basic game.

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