Online gaming providers rely heavily on innovation and future technologies. In the world of online gaming, the genre of gambling receives little public attention. Fantasy, strategy and first person shooter games have been the star of various computer magazines for a number of years.

If individual providers of Roulette online or internet poker are mentioned, this is mostly due to the fact that there was still some space in the magazine that could not be filled with advertising. Of course you could say that the action and strategy games reach a much larger audience, but that is just as incorrect as the statement that this type of game earns more money than the gambling genre on the Internet. On the contrary. There are game manufacturers such as Microgaming who certainly do not have to hide behind other game developers in terms of turnover and profit. Nevertheless, such manufacturers can rarely be found in specialist magazines or in the public eye. How come

Restrictions hinder the development of online gambling

On the one hand, one simply has to state that even after many centuries of unjustified gambling, it still enjoys a rather dubious reputation. The risk of gambling addiction naturally plays a decisive role - even if it was only recently discovered that games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends have a similar addiction potential. Incidentally, in Asia this is a well-known problem that is quite difficult to master. Nonetheless, this is of course also a considerable risk in gambling and the operators repeatedly point out the risk of addiction on websites.

Another - and at least as difficult - problem for the online gambling industry are the various restrictions imposed by the state. In Germany, for example, advertising has so far only been allowed to be published under the strictest of conditions. Sponsoring - for example from football or hockey clubs is also something that has so far been almost impossible. To improve the level of awareness and thus the acceptance for this branch is almost impossible. This is all the more regrettable as this is not only a significant economic factor but also extremely future-oriented.

The gambling industry as a development engine for the Internet?

As already mentioned, the area of ​​online gambling has an extremely good financial cushion. If many game manufacturers from other genres would often have to struggle with red numbers and slumps in sales, online casinos and game manufacturers from the gaming sector have been looking forward to constantly growing sales and increasing profits for years. These sometimes considerable financial reserves naturally give you a number of options when it comes to improving and optimizing the products and services of the respective companies. And they know how to use these advantages!

Online gambling: virtual games are played instead of a real table.

Especially in the area of ​​the Internet, game manufacturers in the gaming industry often go completely new and unusual ways to try out new technologies or to establish them on the market. The use of high-end graphics is only a relatively minor aspect of this. Live casinos, for example, are one of the innovations in online casinos that make use of video technology when playing. In addition, the probability calculators and random number generators used in the industry are among the best currently developed. But online gambling makers go a step further. The possibility of using VR glasses while gaming is currently being tested. The idea here is to get the player into the Virtual reality immerse yourself in a casino. For most manufacturers of conventional online games, attempts of this kind are usually not feasible for reasons of cost alone.

Use the opportunities

The state, the industry and the economy would be well advised if they finally recognized the recognizable potential that lies in the field of Internet gambling and would use it consistently. If, for example, the game manufacturers and casino operators were to be accommodated just a little more and given a little more leeway, entire branches of industry such as the sports and gaming industries would undoubtedly benefit to a very considerable extent. Possibilities here would be, for example, sponsoring or development cooperation for new technologies.