Hollywood is still the biggest entertainment industry in many people's minds. But statistics clearly show that the gaming industry was not only able to catch up, but overtake it. Cinema and co. Has long ceased to be the market leader when it comes to sales in the entertainment industry. Because the image of games has changed significantly.

From first-person shooters for young adults to educational games on the tablet to board games that are played on the console. There is something for every type of gaming. And if you don't want to spend too long in front of the screen, you can download an app onto your smartphone. Gaming on the train, while waiting at the doctor or on vacation is possible without any problems.

Not just in Hollywood anymore: actors become part of gaming

A few years ago it was taken for granted that a Actor in a series, film or commercial. But thanks to the latest technology, motion capturing, it is now also possible to bring well-known figures to life in a video game. For this purpose, the celebrities act in a special full body suit. This transfers all movements, even the smallest gestures and facial expressions, to the computer. From here, experts transfer the movements to a character, which then takes on the appearance of the actor.

When playing games, fans meet actors more and more often.

When playing games, fans meet actors more and more often.

The actors benefit from the fact that the gaming industry is changing. 20 or 30 years ago, most games were about completing levels and following a little story. In the foreground, however, was overcoming obstacles. Today games are more than just a series of levels. Rather, a story runs through the game. From beginning to end, the player constantly experiences new adventures, some of which are actively adapted to the decisions made by the player. According to a blog post by Betway Casino The game thus becomes a story that makes it possible to describe gaming as an interactive cinema experience.

Games are conquering the big screen

But it's not just the video game industry that benefits from actors. For several years now, Hollywood has been using video games as models, preparing the stories and making them suitable for the screen. The most famous example that exists in history between gaming and Hollywood is Lara Croft. The world's most famous video game became in 2001 the movie Tomb Raider. Hollywood caused further excitement with the filming of the game Final Fantasy.

The gaming industry cannot rest

Despite all the success that the gaming industry is currently enjoying, experts warn. In order to make more and more profit with little effort, the developers focus too much on new editions of already existing games. Be it Resident Evil, GTA or The Last of us. Game remakes are easier to sell than Hollywood remakes, but curious gamers still want new experiences. After all, consoles are there to allow people to immerse themselves in a new world that they don't really know. To completely reinvent yourself, to live it out and to gather experiences that cannot be made in reality - these are the wishes of the players.