One possibility to experience adventurous board games together is the Pegasus Adventure Games Day. During the event period up to March 17th, every retailer can register their own Pegasus Adventure Games day and create an exciting day for all visitors with a game package specially provided by the publisher. The adventure board games Robinson Crusoe, Adventure Island and Talisman - Legendary Adventure can be tried out for free.

Organized by board game vendors

This year the publisher Pegasus Spiele has come up with something new: Adventure Games Day. Everything here revolves around the adventure board games from Pegasus - and of course, playing moments together. Every game fan is welcome at the participating retailers.

The Pegasus game package contains an “adventurous mixture” of a family, connoisseur and expert game, so that there is something for everyone. In addition, there are suitable goodies for visitors. A special highlight here is the promo character "Druid / Druid" for Talisman - Legendary Adventure, which so far has only been on the SPIEL18 in Essen was available.

With the cooperative family game Talisman - Legendary Adventure Parents experience an exciting fantasy adventure with their children. The Kennerspiel novelty Adventure Iceland invites you to explore. As a stranded person on a (lonely?) Island, five adventures have to be mastered together. Also in the cooperative bestseller expert game Robinson Crusoe the players take on the role of castaways. Here, players have to master various missions and dangers in order to survive.

Participating retailers still have until February 28, 2019 to register their own adventure games day and present the visitors to this event with exclusive goodies.

An overview of all Pegasus Adventure Games days will be available from Monday, February 25th supplemented.

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