When you think of a casino, you think of glamor, martini (of course shaken not stirred!), Exciting games and maybe big winnings. The other side of the coin: Many casinos have a strict dress code. If you just want to play comfortably, you definitely don't want to sit down at the double-headed table in a tuxedo, but in the best case place a few cards in a jogging suit and with a delicious glass of beer. The booming online casinos are ideal for this. Card games in particular are very popular there. Low entry barriers and the prospect of quick wins make card games in online casinos such as Stargames an entertaining hobby and also offer hard-boiled board players a welcome change.

Huge selection of card games

You can play various games with a deck of cards. And what applies to the analog area is even more true on the Internet. Stargames-Online offers a huge selection of different card games. Casual games like Mau Mau but also real strategy or logic pearls such as Sheep head or Spider solitaire. A real casino feeling, on the other hand, comes with a round Black Jack, American Poker 2 or Marilyn's Poker II on. Card players who like to try out new variants are in for a game Mus, hearts or Jackets spot on. The advantage of online card games: players have both hands free, ie next to the shaken martini, the Mettbrötchen fits comfortably in the other hand.

Cards are also played on the Internet.

Another plus point is the appealing presentation of the online card games at Stargames. Who up for a round Baccarat decides, enjoy the card game with stylish background music from the lounge. Simple rules of the game and nice ways to win make at Baccarat an almost unbeatable combination for hobby card players. Classic card games, on the other hand, are like Double head or Canasta to, which also have corresponding online variants.

Play Doppelkopf comfortably online

Doppelkopf should be familiar to many card players, after all, this game is one of the absolute classics and enjoys great popularity among young and old players. Doppelkopf was originally a game for four people. In the meantime, however, there are also variations for rounds of three to seven card players. It is not known who invented the Doppelkopf game. In the meantime, however, it is assumed that Doppelkopf emerged from the Schafskopf card game, which was regulated as early as 1895. How widespread Doppelkopf is can already be seen in the numerous tournaments that are held across Germany, including championships at which the best Doppelkopf players compete.

Ambitious card players Doppelkopf can practice comfortably with the internet variant offered by an online casino. If you are interested, you can find information about online Doppelkopf at Stargames-Online.com.

Doppelkopf works fine online.

In contrast to the card values ​​used by default, the online Doppelkopf uses a different method of counting. The trump cards and bad cards result in a total of 26 trumps and 22 bad cards. It is good to keep track of things. And since online card games would be unthinkable without different variants, players can choose between Duel or bar, play in a group of friends only or invite other players to play cards. If you prefer to be a lone wolf, you can join an already open gaming table.

A card round Doppelkopf consists of several games. In the Online variant two teams compete against each other - one re and one contra party. The team that achieved the highest number of points at the end of the card round wins. Anyone who plays Doppelkopf online faces several challenges. It is important not only to think your way through the game strategy of the opposing party, but also to harmonize successfully with your, mostly unknown, team partner. Doppelkopf therefore remains exciting in every game and differs from the analogue version, with the exception of the basic rules. It is therefore worthwhile for fans of Doppelkopf to play both the online and the offline version.

Real opponents like in the corner pub

In the online casino, passionate card players meet ambitious opponents. The great thing is that they are real opponents and not artificial intelligence that wants to achieve victory with predictable game strategies - although with programmed AI opponents you can hardly speak of real will. The fact that opponents are made of flesh and blood spreads an atmosphere in the home four walls that card players only know from the traditional corner pub. In many regions, playing a few cards with snacks and beer on Sunday afternoon is considered good form. Thanks to the internet and the booming online casino like Stargames.com, card players can bring this feeling home every day and at any time - without having to worry about smoking bans!

Pub atmosphere: beer, snacks, card games.

Instead of in the restaurant, online Doppelkopf players meet on the Internet platform and start the game with a simple click on "Start game". You either play in a self-created game round with friends and acquaintances or join an already open game. Practical: In the online casino, players always have an overview of their gaming account and can access helpful statistics.

The level of difficulty of a round of cards is always linked to the skills of the opponent. The more experienced the round of players and the better individual players know the game strategies, the more challenging the game rounds become. This ensures a lot of long-term motivation and makes a visit to the card game table of an online casino a successful change for analog board players.