There is not always a handful of players available to enjoy the latest board games in large groups. If there are only two players, pairs games are perfect to get the maximum fun out of a parlor game for two. The game publisher Pegasus Spiele has such a jewel in its range of products that goes by the name of Duell im Felsental. The title of the game already suggests that this board game is great fun even in small groups. Simple rules of the game, little preparation time and comparatively short playing times characterize the majority of board games for two. Have fun with the following blog article on the 2-player board game Duel im Felsental.

Exciting duels for two players

Duel im Felsental is a simple but exciting game for two players.

The gold-colored, glowing number 2 on the game packaging clearly shows: This fantastic game is aimed at couples. And with Duel im Felsental, Pegasus Spiele has a very hot fire in the oven, which is in no way inferior to the heat of a dragon's breath. In a duel in the rock valley, three dwarves and a dragon fight each other. Each player takes control of one of these two sides. The dragon wins if it can escape the dwarf trap. The dwarves, in turn, win if they can slay the mighty dragon. The parties influence the game through the skillful use of cards in hand, which are responsible, among other things, for moving around on the beautifully designed game board. When all cards have been played, the dragon wins.

Duell im Felsental gets a plus point for the coherent background story and thus for a game element that is rarely found in the "little board games". I'll keep the details to myself to avoid spoilers. The instructions of the game provide information about the little fantasy story.

The dwarves usually play a bit more difficult, because tactical skills are not important, but the three miniature warriors also want to be coordinated in order to use their full strength. But even the dragon player will see no land (or no freedom) without a well-considered strategy. It's nice that behind this two-player board game there is a tactically demanding game idea, which, by changing sides, always offers new incentives to play.

Tactics fans shouldn't make too high demands, however, because the duel in Felsental is primarily intended to entertain and offer the players an entertaining pleasure. Around 45 minutes of playing time should be estimated for one round. That is comparatively much for a couple game, but compared to epic fantasy board games, it is rather short. For around €20 However, the pair of players get a lot of fun and a lovingly designed board and card game.