The developer Zenimax already demonstrated in 2014 that they are able to produce an excellent multiplayer game in the Tamriel universe. With "The Elder Srolls Online" the developers managed to transform the popular role-playing game series from Bethesda into an exciting multiplayer experience. Overall, the game was well received by the community, especially fans of Skyrim should have been pleased, as The Elder Scrolls Online is set on this fictional continent. Now there is new content once again: Blackwood.

On June XNUMXnd of this year the second multiplayer game in the Tamriel universe finally came out: The addon Blackwood lets the player discover the world of Tamriel, similar to The Elder Scrolls Online. But this time the main plot of the game takes place primarily in Dunkelfrost and Oblivion. Fans of the role-playing game series should quickly realize that Oblivion is not a foreign word. The fourth part of the series of the same name is about stopping a Daedric invasion and completing missions in the dark world of Oblivion, the world of the Deadra.

In general, Blackwood has strong parallels to Oblivion. Blackwood's main plot takes place 800 years before the events in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, but here too the player has to uncover a deadrian plot, thwart the sinister plans of Mehrunes Dagon and free the world from the dark menace. In addition, strange portals into the realm of oblivion open up everywhere in Darkforest, from which Daedra creatures slip as a harbinger of the invasion to terrify the peaceful peoples of Cyrodil.


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Overall, Blackwood offers a lot of exciting content: There are rare artifacts and powerful weapons to discover all over Darkforest, there are many exciting quests - and you can experience all adventures together with an ally who you can freely choose at the beginning of the game.

For players who have celebrated Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Blackwood is an absolute "must have". For RPG fans and players who want to experience adventures in the diverse world of Tamriel interactively with other players and friends, Blackwood is the perfect game. All you need is a PS4, Xbox One or a gaming PC and you're ready to go on a hero's journey. Oh yes, and you should have some pocket money ready: At the moment, the add-on costs € 40 on Steam ...

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