Frontier Foundry, the games label of Frontier Developments plc, and developer Haemimont Games today announced the second major content update for Stranded: Alien Dawn. 

The Tame and Train update brings a number of new features to all players on Tuesday, January 24th as part of ongoing development. Early Access players can now take their survival strategies even further by taming, training, and breeding a variety of alien wildlife. In addition, three new dog species are introduced. 

Taming wild animals as a new feature

Through research, Survivors can unlock the ability to tame animals. Care must be taken, however, as some species can prove hostile if not properly placated. The survivors can name, heal, train, play with, guide or even slaughter their animals. To control taming and training priorities, players use the new activity "Ranch".

Taming wild animals will prove fruitful for any base as it yields plenty of resources and some creatures can even be trained to fight threats. It is critical to success that the tamed animals are comfortable - they need to be fed daily and housed safely. Survivors can also get a relaxation and happiness boost from playing with and bonding with tamed animals.

In addition to the animal taming mechanic, the update will allow players to choose a new survivor for their party in Hugo Delano. Hugo's colorful past as a zoo keeper makes him a valuable asset. His ability to tame almost any creature and skillful farming skills will come in handy for survival.

The Tame and Train update also introduces a number of additional resources, recipes, and animal statues, as well as five new Steam achievements. Survivors can obtain these by demonstrating their animal husbandry skills.

Ambitious survival players can look forward to further updates and improvements during the Early Access phase, which will provide a lot of exciting content. Stranded: Alien Dawn is available in Early Access for PC via Steam with a suggested retail price of €29,99.

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