Following the reveal of Moonbreaker at last month's Gamescom Opening Night Live, Unknown Worlds (Subnautica series) and Krafton will be conducting two separate Steam Preview Weekend Playtests. These will take place from September 9th to 11th and from September 16th to 18th.

All players who sign up for playtests can try the game for free before Steam Early Access launches on September 29th. For those who weren't able to try the game in person at Gamescom, these Steam Preview weekend playtests will be the first opportunity to moonbreaker to play. 

Moonbreaker: Play and paint - digitally

They can try out commanders, create their own squads, paint their units and much more.
The aim of the play tests is to subject the servers to a stress test. However, all participants are invited to stream their gameplay, upload clips and share their painted minis with the world. Any custom liveries created during the Steam Preview Weekend playtest will be saved. Players who purchase Moonbreaker will have direct access to it again when the game goes into Early Access later this month.

Participation is easy - all players need to do is: Log in to Steam; search for “Moonbreaker”; click the "Request Access" button in the "Join the Moonbreaker Playtest" section. And then confirm the request.

Testers will have access to the full game, however some in-game features and the shop will be disabled. Get instant access to all Season 1 units and commanders for playtesting. Units and commanders can be unlocked once Moonbreaker goes into Early Access. Due to the limited timeframe, this process was simplified especially for playtesting. This ensures that the first impressions of the game can be optimally checked.

But: All progress will be deleted as soon as the playtests of the preview weekend are over. However, players' paint jobs will be saved.

Access to the preview may be restricted based on the player's location. The tests are designed to push the servers to the limit, so there is a high likelihood of disruption and/or emergency maintenance.

The above dates and times are subject to change. The studio will provide as much advance notice as possible of any schedule changes.

By the way, you can decide what the first impression of Moonbreaker is like already read here


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