Many fans are waiting for information about the German version of Frosthaven - now the publisher Feuerland Spiele has published some news that affect the price of the board game and the expected release date. 

For a long time it was quiet around Frosthaven - recently, however, things have been moving again. And now there is even solid information about the Gloomhaven successor. However, they should not taste like every fan. The publisher Feuerland Spiele has published the expected recommended retail price of the manufacturer.

Frosthaven in German: A lot of material, a lot of money

The motto at Frosthaven is basically simple: lots of material, lots of money. According to the publisher, the dungeon crawler weighs around 16 kilograms. "First of all, that's a lot, but it's also an unbelievable amount of material, which has probably never existed before," said Tierra del Fuego. The price per kilo at Frosthaven is around 25 euros. Mental calculators now quickly find out where the manufacturer's recommended retail price is: according to Tierra del Fuego, games at 400 euros.

After all: One would like to offer the waiting fans a cheaper entry option as part of a pre-order campaign. The publisher already has a corresponding plan and it looks like this: In addition to the game, there should also be the solo scenarios, the removable stickers, the Gloomhaven comic and the Gloomhaven envelope X – Feuerland Spiele then wants to offer the package for less than 300 euros . However, it is unclear whether this will work – it is initially about the current planning as of now.

There are several reasons for the higher price: Compared to Gloomhaven, Frosthaven offers more scope and offers new game concepts, plus there are unfavorable external factors. Fundamentally increased production costs, a very weak euro compared to the dollar and significantly increased transport costs, according to Tierra del Fuego games. Translation costs are also high: more than 400.000 words have to be processed.

The pre-order campaign is scheduled to run in the first quarter of 2023 and the game should then ship in the third quarter of next year.

Frosthaven is a dungeon crawler set in the same universe as 2017's Gloomhaven and spin-off Gloomhaven: Lion's Paws. Players form a group of adventurers to experience a campaign together. Frosthaven not only drew attention to itself because of its popular predecessor - the Kickstarter campaign itself presented a record in the crowdfunding sector .

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