Everyone knows the sport, almost everyone has held the racket in their own hands - and yet table tennis seems to have developed into a rather underrated sport. A certain sport is particularly present nowadays with children and adolescents when the sport is processed in a game template. There are football managers, basketball games, American football, tennis, wrestling, even baseball, while table tennis is underrepresented - at least digitally. It's good that there are games like the browser and app game table tennis manager that break a lance for the sport.

The "immediately at home" feeling

In the online game table tennis manager, players have the opportunity to lead their own table tennis club to success. All without complicated installations, because the manager game runs directly via the internet browser or as an app for mobile devices. Versions are available for Android in the Google Play Store as well as for Apple iOS on iTunes. Anyone who thinks that a manager game as a simple browser game is superficial, is wrong. The table tennis manager is a surprisingly profound game that focuses on the essentials: achieving sporting success through clever management.

Anyone who has ever played a manager game in their life will immediately feel at home with Wolfgang Seidle's table tennis manager. Everything starts as one is used to as a virtual sports manager: After a short, uncomplicated registration of the personal account, players can first click through the clear menus in peace.

If you want, you can use "unfair" methods with the table tennis manager. Image: Android app
If you want, you can use "unfair" methods at the table tennis manager. Image: Android app

The focal point for ambitious table tennis managers is the office. There, players can find all information relevant to them at a glance: the master data of their own club, the result of the last game, the opponent of the upcoming game or the current table. In order to be on top of the latter, you should cherish and care for your team. Every single table tennis player has individual strengths, but also weaknesses. In the long term, it's about building a strong team from the pool of players.

In order for that to succeed, the economic situation of the club must also be right - otherwise it will be difficult to get new signings on board or on the record. The club's assets are allowed to players Table tennis manager multiply in different ways: the classic way with a bank loan, with the help of financial investments or - as you know from almost every manager game - with lucrative sponsorship contracts, the willingness to pay depends on the team's performance.

Table tennis manager: Money is (not) everything

Setting up your club financially well is at least as important as selecting suitable players. In the long term, players at Table Tennis Manager will therefore gradually expand their sports facility. Instead of a "very small hall" with few standing and even fewer seats, the club later plays in front of a backdrop of thousands of fans who not only cheer and whip, but also dig deeper into their pockets when it comes to getting tickets solve. Almost every detail can be adjusted, from the number of table tennis tables to the number of toilets and extending the parking spaces. And every improvement that makes fans happy makes the manager happy too.

That money is not everything is proven by the fact that the table tennis manager can be played completely free of charge in the basic version. As usual in free-2-play games, players can buy in-game currency using real money in order to optimize their time investment. 1.000 euros of the game currency costs 1,99 euros in real money. For 19,99 euros there is a whopping 12.500 game euros, with which a lot can be done. For example, players on the transfer market buy. Or just new, efficient high-performance table tennis bats - because they are also available in a specially created auction house.

The clear menus make everyday life easier for ambitious managers. Image: Table tennis manager (Android app)
The clear menus make everyday life easier for ambitious managers.
Image: Android app

The table tennis manager is literally bubbling over with playful details, all of which invite you to explore. At first glance, you wouldn't think that this browser manager is hiding so much, but it is worth logging in and trying it out.

Anyone who has grown fond of the browser game can choose to purchase a premium membership, either monthly for 3,99 euros or in stages up to a 12-month term for 35,99 euros. In fairness, the advantages of the Premium Account are not overwhelming, but rather pure "manager luxury": these include, among other things, freedom of advertising (of course only the game surface, not for the club!), The use of your own logos for the table tennis club, the possibility of two directly Supervising teams or naming your own players.

Play table tennis manager for free

The focus of every manager game is on expanding your own team - this is also the case with the table tennis manager. In the player menu, managers manage the pool of players, adjust their team and tactics, put clubs together and then assign them to individual players or simply borrow good players. The skills of the individual athletes can be improved through targeted training units, whereby as a manager and at the same time head coach you should also take regular breaks to relax. Training camps bring that special performance kick, the staff can be trained through courses. There is hardly any business area that the online game of table tennis manager does not cover.

Part of everyday managerial life: playing around with numbers. Image: Android app
Part of everyday managerial life: playing around with numbers. Image: Android app

Balm for the stressed manager soul is a look at the extensive statistics library of the game. There are tons of statistics to research: the most expensive players, your own balance sheet, audience statistics and even - and this is particularly motivating - the famous "eternal table". Almost every key figure can be analyzed and used as a basis for important decisions. In this way, ambitious managers gradually improve their club and fight their way to the top in the championship.

Even if the table tennis manager presents himself optically sober and focused, the potential for addiction is enormous. Because registration is quick and free anyway, lovers of manager games should definitely try this title - even if their own table tennis career has already ended in the schoolyard. The table tennis manager is a real "grave of the hour".

Click here to go directly to the table tennis manager: www.tischtennis-manager.com.

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