The release of the video game "Jon Shafer's At the Gates" cannot be described as particularly "punctual". Around five years later than originally announced in the Kickstarter campaign at the time, the Civilization 5 developer's strategy title is now available for PC Steam at a price of around 30 euros.

At the gates of the empire

"At the Gates" is set during the collapsing Roman Empire. As the leader of a barbarian tribe, it is the player's task to expand their virtual sphere of influence in this historically significant epoch. On randomly generated maps - where the different seasons can also play a decisive role - leaders send their troops against the Roman Empire and other enemy tribes.

Hard to believe: Jon Shafer's At the Gates is officially available. Image: Conifer Games
Seasons also have a tactical impact on At the Gates. Image: Conifer Games

The strategic use of the landscape (rivers can freeze over in winter) and the procurement of resources as a kind of rogue-like element play a special role.

It is aimed at lovers of strategy games for whom a visually impressive presentation is far less important than a colorful palette of tactical possibilities; Games like Civilization 5, for which Jon Shafer was largely responsible.


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The release of the video game Jon Shafer's At the Gates became a test of patience for all those backers who invested money in the project in 2013. The strategy game was originally supposed to be released in 2014, but this date could not be met. Now - only about five years later - the "Civ-like game" is officially available; via the Steam gaming platform at a price of EUR 29,99.

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