At the Star Wars Celebration fans convention in Anaheim, Fantasy Flight Games and Atomic Mass Games announced new miniatures for the board game Star Wars: Legion. The "cuteness" factor is pretty high this time.

Countless figure extensions have now been released for the miniature board game Star Wars: Legion, the German-language version of which is available in Germany from Asmodee Germany - from Lando Calrissian to Jyn Erso to Agent Kallus, all films and series have been covered. But something was missing so far: Ewoks on the one hand and the Mandalorian on the other. Both will appear now.

News from the Star Wars Celebration

That the Star Wars Celebration isn't just about new Disney series like The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian or Obi-Wan Kenobi was expected to celebrate. Games also take up a lot of space - Star Wars is not only a topic for many video games, but now also board games. Of the latter, some are constantly expanding, such as Star Wars: Legion, the miniature tabletop for two players.

The Atomic Mass Games studio is now responsible for the Star Wars miniature games, which include Star Wars: Legion, Star Wars: Armada and Star Wars: X-Wing – Miniatures Game. Even before the start of the Star Wars Celebration, the game company announced Gar Saxon, a former Mandalorian that fans of the Clone Wars series should know. And now there are finally supplies for real fan favourites.

As revealed by Atomic Mass Games at Star Wars Celebration, the Ewoks will find their way to Star Wars: Legion - the corresponding miniatures were already on display there. And there will be another novelty: The Mandalorian with Grogu at his side.

So far, fans had already used Ewoks in Star Wars Legion, but the figures had to be produced using a 3D printer. The joy about the official support of the mini miniature warriors is all the greater. Most recently, Atomic Mass Games announced content about the Shadow Collective, a criminal organization founded by Darth Maul. It also includes the previously mentioned Gar Saxon. Also available for pre-order are a Mercenary Set, Mandalorian Super Commando Units, and Black Sun Miniatures. The new miniatures will appear in mid-June. Atomic Mass Games has set the release date for June 17th in the Asmodee shop. It is unclear when the Mandalorian, including Grogu, and the Ewok forces will be launched.


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