The Temple Rush board game attracts attention - this is mainly due to the material. Different colored terminal blocks are unmistakable and can be used to recreate the outlines of a temple. Funbot, Happy Shops brand for easily accessible games, would like to bring out a German version of the strategic construction competition: The title is therefore currently running as crowdfunding in the Spieleschmiede. 

It should hardly come as a surprise that the original version of Temple Rush was made by a Danish designer of all people. Temple Rush is a fast-paced family game in which 1 to 4 people, ages 8 and up, get points if they manage to recreate the outline of a temple before the others. Terminal blocks of different lengths are used.

Los Angeles is the star

The color of the cube decides which of the building blocks the players receive. You decide for yourself which of the temple constructions you want to use it. The only important thing is that you have to build on directly and that no unconnected parts are allowed to lie on your tableau, at least normally. Because all have three actions available, which you can use once per game. This allows you to exchange a building block, borrow two from someone else to complete a piece, or just put a building block on your tableau without adding it immediately. Unused promotions earn bonus points at the end.

As soon as the lightning card appears, dice and tableaus do not play a role for a round: the only thing that matters is to build the next temple as quickly as possible with the entire supply.

"If you want a German edition of Temple Rush, you can support the Funbot project in the Spieleschmiede until October 21, 2021 and secure your own copy right away," says the announcement by Campaign in the Spieleschmiede. They want to collect the round sum of 2.500 euros, some of which interested players have already poured into the virtual tills. Crowdfunding does not cause high costs: you can participate with 20 euros.


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