The Spiel'21 takes place. As a board game fan after the time of the pandemic-related privations, one could simply be happy about this announcement. Many do that too, but some shoot hard at the organizing Friedhelm Merz Verlag, which has not yet presented the entire hygiene concept for the International Game Days 2021 in Essen, but on some framework conditions: the mask requirement is one of them. This seems to bother some unteachable people enormously.  

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The corona pandemic has been going on for around a year and a half. The situation has finally eased, there are far-reaching easing, in North Rhine-Westphalia even for the most part normality in everyday life. With a few exceptions, there is even no mask requirement - but these are important in order to be able to continue protecting all those who have neither recovered nor vaccinated or are fully vaccinated.

The virus is not gone, just not so present anymore. Because this can change quickly, hygiene measures remain mandatory where the immunized meet the unvaccinated. By the way: they relaxed in a similar way last summer - then the next wave struck with force. It will be different this time. Many experts believe that a fourth wave is more than likely.

Asmodee: Corona still "unclear health situation"

The obligation to wear a mask as an essential protective measure will also be upheld at SPIEL'21: Because the Corona Protection Ordinance does not provide for it - but also because the organizers welcome the measure, because at the trade fair, “some people will come together” , it says on the official Facebook account of the international game days.

Understanding the requirement of a mask requirement for mass gatherings is by no means available to everyone.Probably these are those people who have done little anyway to keep the virus in check in recent months. Those cross-talkers, complainers or provocateurs now benefit from the fact that many mindful people have acted as they did: prudent, attentive, considerate - where necessary with a mask, and often even where a mask was not mandatory, but only advised. The “snot rag” was, in addition to distance regulations, contact reductions and now vaccinations, an essential pillar in the fight against the pandemic. Pretending that it is different is bypassing reality. The numbers will inevitably rise, only the registered deaths and severe courses remain low (hopefully) thanks to the vaccinations.

The fact that vaccinated people also have to wear a mask at SPIEL'21 has been criticized. Those who only revolve around themselves can get upset about it. Or you remember that the requirement for access to SPIEL will also be possible for those who have only been vaccinated once or not at all. Perhaps it will not be possible to vaccinate at all in the future because there are intolerances or allergies that make this impossible. So it is still important to act considerately. As a politically responsible person, as an organizer, also as a visitor.

Fortunately, it turns out that many fans understand the measures. A few are against the mask requirement, but presumably also against other measures that are felt to be imposed on them “by those up there”. There are also oaths in the board game scene. And the Corona period taught us: There are more of these than we would have wished for.

The fact that the mask was completely obsolete in this country in the post-Corona era could be a fallacy anyway. The first futurologists are already assuming that mouth and nose protection - as in other countries - will also be used in Germany as a preventive measure by health-conscious people. The mask could therefore have a lasting impact on everyday life - especially at major events.

The mask will be part of the SPIEL'21 and it will certainly also be available with beautiful motifs. That the publishers let the chance of this unique advertising opportunity slip by? Unthinkable!

In the end, it's simple: If you don't want to turn the SPIEL'21 into a super-spreader event, simply put on the “snot rag” - or stay at home.

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