The year 2021 brings many legal changes with it. This applies, for example, to the increase in the statutory minimum wage from 9,35 euros to 9,50 gross per hour worked as an employee. In addition, the previous standard rate for Hartz-4 recipients is increasing, as is child benefit. This will take some of the strain off families in the future.

Other new laws for 2021 concern lower expenditure on electricity consumption while at the same time higher amounts for refueling and heating. Online gamers are watching these developments with excitement and are wondering whether changes in the law in 2021 will also affect the gaming world and, above all, the online Casino Exert influence. Here are the answers.

The casino world is changing

The past time has put the online casino to a tough test, which is why many players are against and for the virtual casino classic console game have decided. No wonder, because many German players are not allowed to participate in the online casino. You can register, but you can only play for game money and not for real money. Excepted from this: players with residence or place of residence in Schleswig-Holstein. This regulation has a very conservative effect and is reminiscent of Austria, where so far only local operators have been allowed to provide digital offers for Austrian players.

From 2021, the world for online gamers in Austria and Germany will be different. In Germany there was disagreement between the individual federal states as to whether online gambling should be legalized or not. The complaints from players and providers increased. Therefore, virtual gambling in Germany is legalized for all German players over the age of 18.

Limited play is now a must

Opinions have always been divided on the game limit. What is that? In this game, the gambler sets a limit within his account that he may not exceed within one month. This limit should actually offer the protection of the players and the protection against excessive spending and addiction potential. However, up to now the limit can be reset almost every day. This means that there is no real protection.

With the new State Treaty on Gambling 2021, an externally determined limit on the use of player credit applies. From this year gamblers will not be allowed to spend more than 1000 euros per month on virtual gambling.

Avid gamers want to get around this law by registering on multiple platforms. This won't work due to a player card, which infuriates regular players. In their opinion, the limitation represents a cut in their rights to freedom.

The stake per bet is no longer freely selectable by the player.

The stake per bet is no longer freely selectable by the player.

Addicting gamblers are excluded

Some casino players visit the digital casino every day and put all their belongings at risk. This action culminates in over-indebtedness and over-indebtedness inevitably leads to poverty. Unfortunately, those affected can no longer freely decide whether they want to play or not. Their minds tell them that the game is leading to ruin. But the Addictive thought is far stronger and without help the person affected can no longer free himself from the vicious circle of his addictive behavior.

Precisely for this reason and because the number of addicting gamblers is increasing, there are now countermeasures. The gaming behavior of online gamblers is closely monitored. Anyone who is suspected of being an addict is recorded by the authorities and excluded from online gambling. The question, however, is when a player is listed as an addicting player. In addition, if you are addicted and are no longer allowed to play, you would need appropriate therapy, strictly speaking. Unfortunately, there are hardly any solutions to this.

The end of classic games at the table

The local casino has a high income and the basis of this income is the table games offered in the hall. Here, high sums are usually over the table. This is not the case with slot machine games like slots. Games such as roulette, blackjack and other table games with live croupiers are also booming online. But it is precisely these that are now reserved for local casinos.

Assignments are no longer freely selectable

What hits many daily players hard: The stake per bet is no longer freely selectable by the player. So far, this has been able to use large sums and then quickly achieve high sums accordingly. That will no longer be possible.

From 2021, the stake per bet in the online casino may no longer exceed 1 euro. This makes gambling on the Internet less attractive for many gamblers and the casinos have to come up with something new again.

Serious platforms on the rise

The State Treaty on Gambling 2021 certainly has some advantages in its luggage. With regard to the protection of minors, there are better controls. The same applies to the seriousness of the platforms. German players can thus play on legal platforms. Illegal providers are driven from the market due to better competition. If you play, you no longer need to fear about stakes and winnings.

From now on there will also no longer be excessive bonuses and discounts. There are certainly still lucrative offers, but these are in a different area than those from dubious providers. Nevertheless, when choosing the online casino, attention must be paid to its approval, imprint, accessibility and thus to the existing licenses of the gaming provider.