Private Division and Roll7, creators of the critically acclaimed OlliOlli World, today announced as part of the PlayStation State of Play Rollerdrome, a single-player third-person shooter where players experience the thrill of fusing fluid motion and stylish trick mechanics with experience adrenaline-charged shooter action.

Private Division and Roll7 today announced that Rollerdrome will be available as a digital download for PlayStation 16, PlayStation 2022 and PC (Steam) on August 4th, 5. In this single-player, third-person shooter, players will experience fluid movement, elegant tricks, and adrenaline-pumping shooter action. Brimming with ideas, the hybrid shooter-skater game presents a dark dystopian retrofuturistic game world. It was created by Roll7, creators of the critically acclaimed OlliOlli World and gurus of flow-based gaming.

Rollerdrome: Retrofuturistic game world

Rollerdrome presents a unique retrofuturistic game world with an unmistakable identity. The comic-inspired design style is brought to life with an all-new original soundtrack. Darksynth musician Electric Dragon combines legendary 70s sound textures with modern, driving beats and cutting-edge production, accompanying the action-packed gameplay with a musical heartbeat.

The game transports players to the year 2030, in a world where the public is distracted from the darkening political landscape by the violence and excess of a brutal new arena sport: Rollerdrome. In this bloody sport, the lines between reality and show are blurred. The contestants must face off against the deadly house players in a series of gauntlet runs. It's an unforgiving spectacle in which you have to score as many points as possible through eliminations, great tricks and successes in numerous challenges.

Players take on the role of Kara Hassan, a newcomer to this brutal sport. As the behind-the-scenes machinations of an evil tech giant become ever more apparent, players with Kara must focus on their goal - climbing the leaderboards and en route to the Rollerdrome title.

“It was great to see this project come to life thanks to the amazing work of the Roll 7 team. From the original prototype that rocked online to the brutally intense gaming experience it is now,” said Paul Rabitte, Creative Director at Roll7. "We can't wait to put Rollerdrome in the hands of the players."

"Roll7 has demonstrated its ability to create successful and truly innovative games that combine original gameplay with superior design," commented Michael Worosz, Take-Two Interactive's Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Private Division. “Rollerdrome once again demonstrates the innovative spirit of these talented developers. It's a truly unique shooter that, in turn, takes movement to a whole new level."

Rollerdrome is being developed by Roll7, the multi-award-winning, BAFTA-winning London studio dedicated to pushing genre boundaries and pioneering games like OlliOlli, OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, OlliOlli World, Laser League and NOT A HERO made a name.

Rollerdrome will be released on August 16, 2022 as a digital download for 29,99 euros (RRP) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam). Rollerdrome has received an M for Mature age rating from the ESRB.

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