Spin Master's Santorini is one of the titles that the jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV put on the "Spiel des Jahres 2018" list of recommendations. The list features prominent parlor games from the current season. Spin Master has achieved a real surprise success with the new edition of the abstract game idea. We have tried out the board game Santorini and have written a detailed review. 

Santorini review available online

Santorini is a beginner-friendly positional game that is based on an abstract basis. The fact that Greek gods of all people had to serve as the background story is probably due to the popularity of ancient Greece. The manufacturer Spin Master writes about Santorini:

"What does it mean to belong to the pantheon of victors? The players of Santorini find out.
Because here it says: Build like a mortal and win like a god. The basic version of the strategy game, developed by mathematician and teacher Gordon Hamilton, has no luck component whatsoever. Santorini impresses with its easy entry, the high tactical depth - despite the simplest rules - and its impressive, three-dimensional game material: turn by turn, a great, detailed image of the island of Santorini is created. And if you want something more challenging, you can play with the 30 god cards, which offer even more strategic options and surprise effects. Santorini – for 2-4 city builders, ages 8+.”   

Manufacturer description

We meandered through the narrow streets of houses on Santorini and had a lot of fun.

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