Plaid Hat Games and Asmodee are going separate ways in game development. Both companies have announced this. Plaid Hat Games is now appearing again as an independent studio, just like before the takeover by Asmodee. The publisher's founder and head behind Plaid Hat Games, Colby Dauch, has bought the studio back. Plaid Hat Games is currently working on Forgotten Waters. 

After being acquired by Asmodee in 2015, Plaid Hat Games became part of the publishing giant. Now it has become known that both publishers are going their separate ways again. Colby Dauch has reacquired “his” studio from the Asmodee Group and is now running Plaid Hat Games again as an independent brand. Also, some, but not all, publishing rights revert to Plaid Hat Games.

Asmodee retains several rights

Plaid Hat Games has become known through board games such as Winter of the Dead or Mouse and Mysticism. Both rights to the titles remain with Asmodee. Fantasy Flight Games and Z-Man Games will take on these brands in the future. In the course of the buyback, Isaac Vega, co-author of the horror board game Winter of the Dead, announced via Twitter that the Plaid Hat Games will be leaving to realize their own projects.

Colby Dauch commented, "The past few years at Asmodee have been incredible and I am excited to lead Plaid Hat Games into the future." He is also grateful for having met so many creative people. According to the press release, Asmodee will continue to be available as a distribution partner for Plaid Hat Games. 

Plaid Hat Games was acquired by Asmodee in 2015 along with Z-Man Games. Now, with regained independence, Colby Gauch's studio will devote itself to his current board game "Forgotten Waters". The adventure game with a pirate setting relies on a strong story aspect. The title is scheduled to be released on April 10th. 

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