The Playstation 5 can now be pre-ordered. Sony had already officially confirmed via Twitter, among other things, that the pre-order start would begin so shortly after the showcase. The two versions of the Playstation 5 should be available at selected retailers at a price of 499 euros or 399 euros. The starting shot has now been given. And not only that: the accessories from the official PS5 line can already be pre-ordered.

There has been a lot of speculation about the release date, price and pre-order start of the Playstation 5 - now fans not only have certainty, but can also place their pre-orders directly. Almost as if it were a minor matter, Sony announced during its showcase both the prices of the two console versions and the two release times, which - depending on where you live in the world - are a week apart. In Germany, the Playstation 5 will appear on November 19 at a price of 499 euros for the standard PS5 and 399 euros for the purely digital edition, i.e. without a drive.

Playstation 5 can be pre-ordered - theoretically ...

After the announced game titles and "exclusives", fans can now speculate which of the two next-gen consoles is the better choice for them: Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X? The games lineup of the Playstation 5 seems to be the better one at launch, at least the one with more high-quality launch titles - add to that the fact that PS Plus subscribers get some pre-gen games "free" at launch. Nevertheless, Microsoft should not be written off with its two next-gen versions, and the Xbox Series S in particular could prove to be a favorite for bargain hunters. In addition, there is a very strong game pass, which through the Cloud Gaming was again significantly upgraded.

Whichever you choose, one thing is certain: the Playstation 5 can be pre-ordered - from now on, albeit initially from selected retailers. Unsurprisingly, the price there is between 399 and 499 euros. At home with the fans, the PS5 will be there on November 19th, in some other parts of the world players can get started on November 12th. The Playstation 5 appears almost at the same time as the Xbox Series X, their release is on November 10th.

Small catch: preorder chaos!

Simply being able to pre-order the Playstation 5, conveniently and whenever you want? That's currently not possible. The "run" on Sony's next-gen console is great and the device is already sold out in many stores, such as Mediamarkt or Saturn - where in the meantime, however, there is always the opportunity to get hold of the PS5.

Sony ushered in the chaos after the end of the showcase. There was no word about the pre-orders there, instead the company made improvements around 23 p.m. via Twitter and stated that pre-orders should be possible from September 17th. In some shops, however, the pre-order stock was already activated yesterday evening, so that the console is often already sold out.

Even the online giant Amazon can hardly keep up: “Currently not available” says the product page. Nevertheless, one should not give up. The experience of many users currently shows that pre-orders are very possible, you just have to check the stores regularly.

Pre-orders of accessories and PS5 in online shops

With the start of the pre-order phase, not only are the two versions of the Playstation 5 available as preorders, but also the accessories - and the price is quite attractive.

Sony media remote control users can control the entertainment area of ​​their Playstation 5, browse through the media and thus also switch on the Playstation 5. The fact that volume and energy settings can also be adjusted remotely sounds almost irrelevant. And the best? The remote control for the Playstation 5 is not that expensive: Sony calls for around 35 euros for the accessory, which can now be pre-ordered:

Preview Product Rating Price
Media remote control [PlayStation 5] Media remote control [PlayStation 5] * 28,90 EURAmazon Prime

The HD camera for the Playstation 5, which is similar to a commercially available webcam, but technically has a dual lens and enables 1080p recordings, is also already available as a pre-order. Especially fans who want to share their hobby with others via stream can hardly avoid the cam for Playstation 5. The piece of technology costs around 65 euros and can also be pre-ordered:

Preview Product Rating Price
HD camera [PlayStation 5] HD camera [PlayStation 5] * Currently no reviews 48,96 EURAmazon Prime

What shouldn't be missing is good sound. Because it is not supplied with a surround system in every gamer household, Sony has a headset that matches the Playstation 5 ready. The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset works without wiring and supports the playback of 3D audio. The headset can still be used via cable: the Pulse 3,5D can even be connected to PlayStationVR and mobile devices via a 3 mm audio cable.

Preview Product Rating Price
PULSE 3D wireless headset [PlayStation 5] PULSE 3D wireless headset [PlayStation 5] * Currently no reviews 87,97 EURAmazon Prime

Microphones with noise cancellation technology are used for communication, the ear cups should be comfortable according to Sony. Because the headset works wirelessly, the battery life is important and it is up to twelve hours. The headphones can also be used on the computer via an adapter.

The "core" parts of next-gen gaming

An innovation in itself: The DualSense Wireless Controller. Image rights: Sony

An innovation in itself: The DualSense Wireless Controller. Image rights: Sony

Without it, nothing works on the Playstation 5: the DualSense Wireless Controller. For many, the state-of-the-art control unit is the real innovation of Sony's new generation of consoles. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers should be features that actually have an impact on gameplay and make game content tangible - at least if the responsible gaming studios also take the relevant technologies into account during development. The PS5 controller is also available for pre-orderers - at a very attractive price of around 70 euros:

Preview Product Rating Price
DualSense wireless controller [PlayStation 5] DualSense wireless controller [PlayStation 5] * 69,99 EURAmazon Prime

The charging station fits like the pot on the lid, of course in the Playstation look. The charging station can charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers. According to SOny, the controllers charge as quickly as if they were connected to the Playstation 5. This enables gamers to keep some USB ports free without sacrificing performance:

Preview Product Rating Price
DualSense charging station [PlayStation 5] DualSense charging station [PlayStation 5] * Currently no reviews 29,99 EURAmazon Prime

As always, the best comes for last, this time in duplicate. Sony's Playstation 5 heralds a new era in gaming. Fast memory and high computing power enable next-generation gaming, and the leap is particularly clear visually: With ray tracing and 4K support, the Playstation 5 should conjure up some breathtaking game sessions on TV sets. It's not magic, it's just the latest in console technology. With frame rates of up to 120 frames per second - corresponding TV sets* and compatible games provided - there is a streak-free shooter feeling. And the Playstation 5 is also prepared for the future: The console supports 8K and thus a resolution of 4320p. Both console versions can now be pre-ordered.

The standard version with drive costs 499 euros and is probably the more attractive of the two versions:

Preview Product Rating Price
Sony PlayStation 5 Sony Playstation 5* Currently no reviews 546,73 EURAmazon Prime

Any bargain hunter who forego a drive and buy the purely digital edition of the Playstation 100 can save around 5 euros. The pre-order phase is running, the price is 399 euros:

Preview Product Rating Price
Sony PlayStation 5 - Digital Edition Sony PlayStation 5 - Digital Edition * Currently no reviews 448,00 EUR

Fans are now spoiled for choice. With the early start of the pre-order phase, Sony is well positioned for the market launch. Pre-orders for Microsoft's Xbox Series X are only possible towards the end of the month, so Sony should make their decision easier for some fans with this early pre-order.

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