Under the Grimspire brand, Happyshops brings the deductive adventure game Mortum: Agents of the Dark Ages likely to be successful through crowdfunding. Thanks to the support of around 260 fans, the Spieleschmiede campaign has already exceeded the targeted funding target. 

Mortum: Agents of the Dark Age is a cooperative, card-based deduction and adventure game for 1 to 6 people, ages 14+. In a gloomy world modeled on medieval Europe, there are three cases to be solved, all of which are part of a great story. The playing time is 120 to 180 minutes.

Medieval detectives

How the players want to get information is up to them. When the investigation group is put together at the beginning of a scenario, it becomes clear which approach they tend to adopt, because the agents have skills in different combinations. Anyone who prefers to act from the shadows and rely on surveillance and searches should get the assassins and the spy on board. On the other hand, those who assume open confrontations and prefer assaults and interrogations should not do without the robber and the mercenary.

Since you only have limited time for research and you cannot pursue all options, you have to draw conclusions from the knowledge gained. In addition, the characters have to rest at night so that they are not severely restricted in their options on the following day.

Anyone interested in Mortum - Agents of the Dark Ages can still do the project until November 18th in the Spieleschmiede support. The campaign has been running successfully so far: the initiators had set a target of 10.000 euros for the crowdfunding. You're already over it. Just over 260 blacksmiths have raised a little more than the minimum amount to win the title.

The original by author Sergej Minewitsch was previously published by Jet Games and Lavka Games, among others. On the US board game site "Boardgamegeek", the medieval detective game achieved an average rating of 8,6 from 43 ratings.

The price is moderate at 35 euros. If everything goes smoothly with production and shipping, Mortum: Agents of the Dark Age should be able to land on the supporters' tables in May 2022.

Secret organization, gloomy Middle Ages? Here is a trailer for the game:


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