The rattlesnake Snake Plissken is making a return - albeit not on the screen. A board game is released based on John Carpenter's cult film from the early eighties. Pendragon, a studio that had previously adapted a Carpenter strip with The Thing, is responsible for the implementation. 

Hardly any film character is as closely associated with Kurt Russel as the rattlesnake Snake Plissken. The cult film Escape from New York is now being made into a board game by the designers who worked on Descent or Arkham Horror.

Board game based on the action movie

The film is set in a dystopian future in the United States. The aim was to save the US President. It was a star-studded spectacle on screen at the time. 15 years later, Escaping from LA was supposed to be a sequel, but it was far less popular despite having the same lead role.

Pendragon's board game is based on the debut film from 1981 and relies on four characters from the template, including Snake Plissken, of course - accompanied by Brain, Maggie and the taxi driver (Ernest Borgnine). The mission remains the same: the President must be rescued and the top-secret cassette must be obtained.

Game writer Kevin Wilson holds hands over concept. He was previously responsible for Sid Meier's Civilization or Arkham Horror as well as Descent. With Pendragon, there is also a studio behind the project that is familiar with board game adaptations. Previously, the cult horror film The Thing – also by John Carpenter – had been turned into a board game and an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign had been carried out. The game publisher is working with the film distributor Studiocanal to implement the game.

Escape from New York is scheduled to start crowdfunding on Kickstarter this winter. An exact date and a price for the board game have not yet been set.

Incidentally, it is not the first time that a film character played by Kurt Russel has found its way from the screen to the board game table: with Big Trouble in Little China, a cult film was also released in game format in 2018. Everything Epic Games was responsible for this at the time.

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