The Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022 is Living Forest. The jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV has made its decision and justified it. Ludonaute's mystical tactical game lets players assume the roles of one of the four nature spirits to work together to protect the forest from Onibi's flames.

The competition was great this year. With Cryptid by Hal Duncan and Ruth Veevers, Dune: Imperium by Paul Dennen and Living Forest by Aske Christiansen, three top-class board games were in the running for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022 award. In the end, Living Forest prevailed.

Interactive board game for connoisseurs

"With his first work, author Aske Christiansen has created an upscale family game/easy connoisseur's game whose imaginative artwork by Apolline Etienne (Momiji, Wreck Raiders, Muse) almost steals the show from the good game mechanism," says our author Jonas in his Review of Living Forest written, for which he ultimately awarded 80 out of 100 points. The high rating reflects the quality of the board game. And yet: the competition appeared above all with Dune: Empire to be overpowered. In the end, Paul Dennen's idea still lost out. Last but not least, this is due to the high interaction value of Living Forest.

"Three central factors make up the thrill and attraction of 'Living Forest': the exciting race to twelve points, the risky gamble when revealing the cards and the high level of interaction with the players." That is how the Game of the Year jury justified the award by Living Forest as the connoisseur game of the year 2022. The board game focuses on what parlor games are supposed to be about: shared experiences at the gaming table. You also play at the table with Dune: Imperium or Cryptid, but in the end Living Forest was one my ahead of its two competitors with its understanding of a community experience. The charming table structure should also have played its part in Living Forest being one step ahead in the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022. In this country, the board game is distributed by Pegasus Spiele.

And os it is hardly surprising that Ludonaute will provide supplies: the French publisher has already announced the first expansion for the game.

Not much is really known about the new expansion. Ludonaute hasn't announced the title, cover art or exact release date - but something is to come. In France, the expansion is scheduled for release in early 2023. In other regions “a few months later”.

In addition to the three titles nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2022, the jury put three other parlor games on the list of recommendations: Arche Nova by Mathias Wigge (Feuerland), Khôra by Head Quarter Simulation Game Club (Iello) and Witchstone by Martino Chiacchiera and Reiner Knizia ( R&R / whoops).

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