Paleo by Peter Rustemeyer has been chosen as the Kennerspiel of the year 2021 by the Critics Jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV. Many a fan might have hoped or even bet on one of the other titles, in the end the “Stone Age struggle for survival” from the house of Asmodee prevailed. 

The jury praised the title, “in an extraordinary way, to create dynamic stories and images in the heads of the group that will continue to resonate long after the game is over”. The underlying card mechanism was highlighted as particularly original in the thrilling struggle for survival in the Stone Age: “Together, as a tribe, we weigh such risks round by round using only the illustrations on the back of the card. Only after turning the card over does it reveal what is happening at the selected location. You grow with the tasks.

Paleo: combinations offer variety

Ten card sets with new challenges can be combined as desired and offer motivating variety to take on the hard struggle for survival again and again. “Paleo” was published by Hans im Glück and is suitable for two to four people aged ten and over. It costs around 45 euros.

“Paleo” prevailed against the also nominated games “The Lost Ruins of Arnak” by Michaela Štachová and Michal Štach (CGE / Heidelbär Games, for one to four people from the age of twelve, around 60 euros) and “Fantastic Reiche” by Bruce Glassco (Strohmann Games / WizKids, for two to five people from ten years of age, around 20 euros).

The jury also publishes a list of four other recommended games for connoisseurs:

  • Aeon's End by Kevin Riley (Indie Boards & Cards / Frosted Games / Pegasus Spiele)
  • Riftforce by Carlo Bortolini (1 More Time Games)
  • Gloomhaven: The Paws of the Lion by Isaac Childres (Cephalofair Games / Tierra del Fuego)
  • Hydro power by Tommaso Battista and Simone Luciani (Cranio Creations / Tierra del Fuego)

In view of the other nominated titles as well as the board games on the recommendation list, some die-hard fans could scratch their heads at a loss as to why the board games that made it into the top 3 were nominated. The Kennerspiel des Jahres, however, is not about “as complicated as possible” or “particularly long” or “intense”, but rather about the best possible gaming experience with a high, but not exclusively expert-oriented approach. And that's exactly where Paleo fits in perfectly. Hans im Glück, Asmodee and the author Peter Rustemeyer are delighted with the award.

Hans im Glück says: “There is no greater honor for our game. We have broken new ground with Paleo, it's a game that Hans im Glück has never seen before, ”says publisher Moritz Brunnhofer. "That this courage to try new things has now led to this important award fills me with indescribable joy."

"When I was nominated with Paleo, I was really happy and celebrated with my wife, who unfortunately just had a video conference," says Peter Rustemeyer. “I said, being nominated is a win. Actually holding the price in your hands feels unreal. It's nice that the two years of development together with Hans im Glück pay off so much in the end. "

For Asmodee Germany and Managing Director Alexis Desplats, the award is an honor: “There is no more important award in the board game world than this. The fact that Paleo won this award makes me extremely happy for the author, the publisher and for us as a distributor. For us it is also a task: to bring this unusual and outstanding game to as many people in Germany as possible so that they can enjoy Paleo. "

In Paleo, the players experience a cooperative adventure together in the Paleolithic and fight for survival. Each player plays a group of Stone Age people with different skills. Using personal decks of cards, they explore the area, visit different places, collect resources and food and other useful things. At the end of the day everyone has to feed their group together and face the dangers of the night. New adventures are always waiting for you in Paleo. Only together will you be strong enough to survive this


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