[Advertisement] For a long time there has been more than just one new trend in the game market. We are talking about the emerging market for online games. Experts in the gaming market are certain that the future music for game developers and software companies lies above all in the market for online games. The reasons for this are obvious: the generation change in the games market has resulted in a clear increase in the demand for good game content. It is above all the area of ​​online gaming that is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In addition to many browser games and mini-games on the smartphone, real game highlights such as Fifa, Fortnite or Call of Duty can also be played interactively with other gamers in the online area.

The games market in Germany has now broken the sound barrier of six billion euros in sales - and the trend will continue to rise in the following years. This shows that the market for online games is more than just a temporary hype. Renowned game fairs are completely overcrowded and also more and more popular. The lifestyle as an online gamer is lived by professional streamers and is also very popular on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. Online gaming determines the game market and works with the best development teams in this industry. So it's no wonder that online games are gaining increasing attention in Germany.
In the following, we have summarized the currently most popular platforms and gaming channels on the Internet.

Virtual gambling is part of the modern pastime

Virtual gaming enjoyment finds a very special attraction in online casinos: Here you not only discover a lot of colorful fun from classic casino games, but also the chance of the really big jackpot. More and more people see the virtual gambling houses as an interesting pastime. No wonder, because with the appropriate casino bonus code, even low deposit amounts can be topped up on the credit. This page provides casino fans with a transparent overview of current bonus promotions. In addition to poker, there are constantly new developments in the area of ​​slot games. Gambling enjoys a very serious reputation in Germany. For many people, the virtual gaming experience now creates an exciting balance to the often dreary everyday life.

Console games remain very popular

Playing on the Playstation or an Xbox is still one of the most important sales channels for game developers. The gaming fun for console games is unbroken in the gamer scene. Sales are increasing, primarily due to the great demand in the console games segment for the online area. Here it is above all Mainstream games like Fifa or Fortnite, which has reached an audience of millions in Germany. Both Sony and Microsoft will launch the new consoles by the end of 2020. Just in time for the Christmas business, it will appear on November 10, 2020 the Xbox Series X and on November 19, 2020 the Playstation 5 in stores and online shops. The next generation in the console games segment is therefore imminent!

Mini-games on the smartphone for entertaining pastimes

The Play on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has been much more in demand in recent years. This is borne out by the numbers of In-game purchases from Google Play or the App Store. More and more gamers are willing to invest a few euros for their favorite mini-game in order to enable rapid game progress. The games on smartphones and tablets meanwhile also offer very high quality entertainment in the graphic area for short pastimes in between.