Fans have always had the chance to have a say in Monopoly. This tradition is now being continued and fans can now vote: one of the popular classic characters from the 90s can be voted back into the Monopoly box. The election takes place online.

Everyday objects and products from childhood and adolescence awaken positive feelings in many people. Millennials are
now grown up, but fondly remember their childhood in the 90s. As much as fans like that a classic like Monopoly always stays up to date and in the spirit of the times, they love the memory of the gaming afternoons of yesteryear. In the meantime, the legendary characters in particular have been repeatedly refreshed.

Online voting on characters

Now fans get the unique chance to vote one of the iconic characters back into the board game. Under anyone worldwide can vote on which that will be from April 28th. For optional
are six game pieces that led through the most popular board game of all time in the nineties: thimble, wheelbarrow, iron, boot, horse and rider and purse.

You can vote for your favorite online until May 20th. The winning character will then be integrated into the classic Monopoly version worldwide from 2023.

“We know that fans around the world miss the characters from their childhood. Now we have the chance to take a trip to the
Making the past and bringing back one of them,” said Adam Biehl, SVP & General Manager, Hasbro Gaming. "We are very pleased to once again give fans the opportunity to participate in changing the world's best-selling board game through this voting."

The Monopoly playing pieces have been a key element of the game since its introduction in 1935. When developing the game, inventor Charles Darrow was inspired by his nieces, who used metal figures from their bracelets to play. Schnauzer, Warship, Racing Car and Top Hat were among the eight main characters in the 1990s that are still included in the current Monopoly game. In 2013, fans voted to include the cat token, while the flat iron was removed from the game due to the lowest number of fan votes.

In the last vote in 2017, the thimble, wheelbarrow, and boot were removed from the game and replaced with the penguin, T-Rex, and rubber ducky. Discover the whole story in our character history

Hasbro says it strives to make the world a better place for all kids, fans and families. It also means creating memories that will last a lifetime and inspiring fans to embrace new opportunities. Included
According to the toy giant, the focus is always on the consumer. That's why the entertainment provider organizes promotions such as the current choice of characters, which should help a new generation of fans and families to have unforgettable moments that they will remember for a lifetime.

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