As of July, two well-known faces from the games industry will be joining the Pegasus games team: Katja Wienicke will now be supporting the export team, especially in the area of ​​foreign licenses. Matthias Wagner will oversee the development of new games as editor. This is announced by the publisher.

Pegasus Spiele has announced that the publishing team has been strengthened. With Katja Wienicke and Matthias Wagner, two new employees support the workforce, on the one hand in sales and on the other hand in the editorial area. Both Wienicke and Wagner bring experience from the games industry with them and thus contribute to the publishing house.

Well-known faces from the industry

Starting in July, Katja Wienicke will be supporting the Pegasus Games Team as a sales representative in export with a focus on foreign licenses, a division of Pegasus Games that has grown significantly in recent years and has increased in importance. Licenses for titles that have been created in collaboration between authors and the Pegasus Games editorial team are granted to international partners. The partner publishers create a localized version that they sell in their respective market. While observing the markets, Katja will present new releases to the international partner publishers and plan and coordinate licensing and localization processes. In doing so, she will not only work closely with the publishers, but also with editorial teams, manufacturers and printers, as well as graphic designers.

Katja can bring her extensive professional experience to bear in her new job. After studying German and philosophy, she first worked at Weltbild before the passionate board gamer turned her hobby into a profession and entered the game industry in 2015 as assistant to the sales management at Z-Man Games (F2Z Entertainment). In 2016 she switched to the distribution of the then newly founded publisher Plan B Games. The enthusiasm for games runs through her whole life: “Every game has its own charm, combined familiar with new mechanisms - the variety and creativity are always impressive. I especially like cooperative games, storytelling games and escape and puzzle games. "

Matthias Wagner also has many years of professional experience in the games industry: after completing his studies, the psychologist turned his hobby into a profession and began his professional career as a game editor at Abacusspiele. There he was able to achieve successes such as the award of Hanabi for the game of the year 2013 as well as the nomination of Leo has to go to the hairdresser to celebrate the children's game of the year 2016. In 2020 Matthias finally switched to HeidelBÄR Games, where he also worked as (chief) editor. With immediate effect he enriches the Pegasus Games editorial team with over ten years of professional experience. Through his many years of work in small publishers, Matthias was able to gain insights into many areas of the games industry and participate in numerous projects. Now he is looking forward to bringing this experience to bear at Pegasus Spiele and facing new challenges.

Games Matthias inspire not only professionally, but also privately: "What fascinates me most are games that have a low entry barrier, but which extract a lot of depth and thus long-lasting fun from the few rules." step by step and Tichu currently mainly escape room and crime games. When he's not playing, Matthias likes to watch films and series, cook or play sports.

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