In December, the ECB (European Central Bank) corrected their forecast for inflation in the EU in 2022 to around 3,2 percent. That is almost double the rate of 1,7 percent that was accepted in September 2021. Inflation will be a major challenge globally in 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the supply chain crisis and other factors. However, the problem is being felt most severely in Germany, as inflation hit a record high of over 2021 percent at the end of 5.

So do gamers have to be afraid of the inflation rate in Germany in 2022? This is arguably debatable, not least given the fact that premium video games have benefited from a price cap agreed upon by Microsoft, Sony and other developers in 2005. While this price cap is no longer in effect, it has kept games in the $15-$50 range for almost 60 years, with exceptions of course.

gamer kcan always play for free

However, for other reasons it is difficult to estimate the cost of gambling in relation to the inflation rate in Germany in 2022. Mainly because the gambling industry itself is changing. Of course, today we can find ways to play online for free. In fact, many players would never dream of paying for expensive games when there are so many Play for free gives.

Another aspect is that games aren't as one-sided as they used to be. In the 1990s and 2000s you bought a game for the PS2 or the Xbox and that was the end of it financially. You played the game until it was too finished or you got bored. Meanwhile, however, the games are often further developed through updates, new expansions and of course through in-game purchases. Some American studies have shown that 20% of players spend an average of 1000 dollars (880 euros) on FIFA 21 because they buy FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). So the initial cost of buying the game doesn't reflect the final price.

Electricity costs kcould meet gamersen

Coming back to the 2022 inflation rate, players should be aware that the cost could be reflected in utility bills more than elsewhere. A report by According to Check24, it could be in early 2022 the electricity bills of around seven million German households will increase by more than 60 percent. While some homeowners might experience a delay due to annual contracts, it's important to understand that the price hike will come at some point.

A gaming PC consumes around 400 kilowatts of electricity per hour, although this value can vary depending on the device and the type of game. A PlayStation 5 consumes around 200 KW of electricity per hour. For comparison, a conventional 60W light bulb would consume 0,06KW per hour. While everyone's gaming habits and power sources are different, it is clear that rising energy costs in Germany could have a major impact on gamers in 2022.

The point of all this is to point out that you might not see the cost of German price inflation in the store when you buy a new game, but you might see it in a different way. Things are getting tight everywhere in Europe, and the players in Germany will also feel the consequences in 2022.