Making parents or grandparents happy is on many planning lists for the upcoming family celebration. This task is more difficult than often assumed: Parents already have everything, grandparents don't need anything new. However, board games are always a good gift idea, especially because they can create regular family get-togethers that bring several generations together at one table. So that the elderly grandparents in particular can really enjoy board games, a few basic tips should be observed in order to make playing not only fun, but also fair. The following blog post shows what to look out for when buying board games for seniors and which board games are particularly recommended for older people.

Big game pieces

First, five short but basic tips to keep in mind when choosing board games for seniors in order to help veterans have a successful gaming experience.

The game pieces and the game board should be clearly recognizable. So-called  XXL board games, who usually work with significantly enlarged game material that even people with impaired vision can see without any effort. In board game classics such as "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht", for example, the game figures are greatly enlarged and are therefore not only easily recognizable, but also easy to touch. This makes it much easier for seniors to get started with the game. 

Game boards with real thunderstorms look great, but are more for young board players. Seniors can certainly enjoy modern games, but the barriers to entry are usually many times higher. This is due to the text-intensive game boards, which are also graphically sophisticated and overwhelm many senior players from the start. It is well known that people get used to everything, so the first game of Legends of Andor with Grandpa is only a matter of time.

The rules of the game should be understandable for seniors. Hybrid board games with tablet support are only suitable to a limited extent, because here you not only play at the table, but also use an electronic medium at the same time. It is possible to learn both at the same time, but the fun should never fall by the wayside. So start with cozy mill, checkers or backgammon games and then approach complex gaming experiences with new board games.

Many children's board games are great for seniors.

Throwing through rulebooks for hours is sure to have its fans even among seniors, but these rare creatures tend to be the exception. The entry into the game should be quick and, if possible, take place without interrupting the rules. Arkham Horror is unlikely to be Grandma's favorite game. Better to go back to classics!

What applies to the set of rules applies all the more to a comprehensible background story. Laser cannons and mining robots are not age-appropriate content - unless grandpa is a quantum physicist or a Star Wars fan.

Targeted use of board games for children

What is fun for children can only be good for grandparents, so everyone can play together at the same table. The trick: what promotes children's skills also improves the skills of older people at the same time. Games like Ghosts, ghosts, treasure hunters or Lotti Karotti are ideal games for seniors. Simple rules allow a quick introduction, the game material is easy to touch and the course of the game is based on the promotion of creativity, logic and motor skills.

Good board games for seniors


One of the classics and certainly interesting for every elderly board player. Tactical considerations make the game Halma to a great puzzling task. Make sure to play with your grandparents! Large figures are an advantage of this version of the game.

Don't get angry

Everyone knows it, everyone loves it: And seniors anyway! Don't get angry is the perfect game to get really annoyed in your free time. This releases new energies.

Splash-splash penguin

It's getting slippery on the ice. Child's play Splash-splash penguin is ideal for older board players. Finger skills, balance and motor skills are trained and the whole thing is also fun.


The trumps with large game pieces Domino Classic Line on. The game principle is quickly explained and understood. Domino is also the perfect outdoor game for leisurely board games in the park.


A little brain jog is good. Variants of the classic game are best suited for this Memory. Rules cannot be internalized any faster and the course of the game has a direct memory-enhancing effect. Wonderful!