In cooperation with Disney, Ravensburger is launching its first trading card game, “Disney Lorcana”. The cards are intricately hand drawn and feature popular Disney characters in original and reimagined styles. These move in a completely new and magical world with a unique game mechanics. The game is suitable for Disney fans, newcomers and experienced trading card players alike. The worldwide release is planned for autumn 2023.

"Disney Lorcana is a perfect blend of Disney magic, Ravensburger games expertise and several years of dedicated work and investment," said Filip Francke, Ravensburger Global Head of Games and CEO North America. "With this, Disney Lorcana has the potential to transform the lucrative trading card game market."

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"There are more Disney characters in this game than ever before, and it will feature more original Disney illustrations than any other product we've made," said John Balen, Disney vice president of product design. "Our dedicated Disney product design team has worked very successfully with Ravensburger and our partners at Walt Disney Animation Studios to create a unique Disney experience for fans of all ages."

Disney Lorcana is rooted in the magic of Disney characters and their stories, appealing to new audiences and easy to learn for newcomers to the trading card game. Still, it offers strategic depth for experienced players. Disney fans will be enthralled by the beautiful illustrations, story and novel gameplay featuring their favorite characters. Experienced trading card players will get their money's worth thanks to Ravensburger's well thought-out game mechanics.

The name Lorcana describes the mysterious, fictional game universe. The players slip into the role of so-called "Luminari" and bring the Disney characters and their stories to life with so-called "Lorcana magic".

“The Disney Lorcana team is a driven and enthusiastic group who together bring more than a century of trading card game development experience,” said Ryan Miller, Disney Lorcana co-designer and brand manager at Ravensburger.

Ravensburger unveils the first Disney Lorcana cards at the US exhibition "D23 Expo", the most important Disney fan event. The event will take place September 9-11, 2022 in Anaheim, California. After the global market launch of Disney Lorcana in autumn 2023, there will be four expansions per year, accompanied by an extensive program of events and tournaments.

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