Disney+ could be expanded to include significantly more adult content in the future. At least that's what Disney boss Bob Chapek hints at in an interview. Accordingly, one wants to listen more to the fans for the Disney # program. 

Overall, Disney is satisfied with the streaming offshoot Disney +. The company prides itself on offering content that appeals to families. There is currently a main target group for the subscription. No other streaming service currently offers films and series for children that are more compressed. Nevertheless: At Disney + something could happen in the direction of clearly adult content in the future. 

New Disney+ products for grown-ups too

Under the leadership of Bob Iger, the focus has always been on the traditional family formats of the House of the Mouse. The new CEO Bob Chapek could set an adjusted line, especially for Disney +. At least that's what the boss suggested in one Interview with the Wall Street Journal on. That wouldn't be entirely new: With its majority stake in Hulu, Disney has already financed content such as the series "Pam & Tommy" and "The Kardashians" and thus formats that were developed exclusively for adults. However, it could now also shift to the so-called “R rated content”. 

According to Chapek, the decisive factor is what the audience expects from Disney. The CEO wants to respect the brand, but is open to new ideas. The more mixed the Disney+ customer base is, the more varied the wishes are in relation to the content: According to Chapek, one should listen more to the audience. This may have given you more freedom in terms of formats than previously assumed. 

That has gradually changed anyway. Disney+ started with films and series tailored exclusively for families. Now and then there are also formats with more brutal content: films like Logan or Deadpoll, for example, or series like The Punisher. That alone brought the streaming service criticism from some parents. 

So it remains to be seen whether and what exactly will change. The majority of what's on Disney+ is now rated for PG13 or below in the US as well. And even Marvel movies remain conservative when it comes to the level of violence. To date, Deadpool 3 is the only film in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that will carry an R rating. The publication is expected for the end of November 2024. It will then be the first Marvel Studios film to carry an adult rating.  

Still, even animated content can sometimes be adult-oriented, as in the case of Marvel Zombies, which was TV-MA-rated—adults only. Marvel Zombies is also scheduled for release in 2024.

All in all, there are definitely approaches to addressing an adult audience. However, it is currently not apparent that more content “from 18 years of age” will appear on Disney+. However, thanks to Chapek's statements, there is at least the possibility of a strategy adjustment.  

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