The death of Hall of Famer Scott Hall has touched wrestling fans worldwide. Celebrated as Razor Ramon, the athlete and four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion has died at the age of 63 after complications from hip surgery. For the new video game WWE 2K22, fans are now claiming Razor Ramon for free to honor the wrestler.  

With Razor Ramon, Scott Hall had created a character that was legendary for modern wrestling. Inspired by Al Pacino's Scarface, the "Bad Boy" is one of wrestling's most colorful athletes of the XNUMXs. Scott Hall succumbed to multiple heart attacks after a blood clot formed during hip surgery. His family previously had to make the difficult decision to turn off life support.

WWE 2K22 fans want Razor Ramon for free

Scott Hall, who made his wrestling debut in 1984, fought under names like Texas Scott, Diamond Studd and Razor Ramon. With the latter battle name, he became a legend in the nineties. Although the athlete never won the world title, he did win the then highly respected WWE Intercontinental Championship four times and a total of nine day team titles.

His virtual alter ego recently reappeared in the franchise reboot WWE 2K22. Razor Ramon had - and still does today - countless fans who weren't put off by the "bad boy" character with the toothpick and the lard, or who liked the character because of it.

The official WWE 2K22 Twitter account now says bittersweet:

“Hard work pays off,
Dreams come true.
Bad times don't last

Fans responded in large numbers to the tweet, some calling for Razor Ramon to be made available for free in the video game to honor the late wrestler Scott Hall. Many fans express their condolences, quite a few say that Hall has made them fans of wrestling or that they have found their "favorite wrestler" in Razor Ramon. Also in the scene one is touched by the tragic death of Scott Hall.

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