The selection of online casino providers is now enormous. Especially through this Entry into force of the new State Treaty on Gambling and the associated legalization of digital gambling in Germany, the number of different gambling providers has increased again. We have summarized here how the new online casinos with a German license are designed, what advantages and disadvantages they bring and how they compare to online casinos without a German license.

Online casinos with German license

On July 01st, 2021, all 16 federal states passed the new gambling law. This now legalizes digital gambling. This makes it possible for providers to apply for a German license. As with all other gambling licenses, this gambling license is accompanied by specifications to which the providers must adhere. However, the measures and restrictions of the German license are considered to be particularly restrictive. Because both players and providers are obliged to comply with various limitations and regulations.

In addition to a monthly deposit limit of €1.000, the restrictions imposed by the authority also include the bet limit, which excludes bets over €1, and time limits, which greatly change the gaming experience. In addition, the range of games in online casinos with a German license is significantly lower. Because live casino games and jackpot games are strictly prohibited. The OASIS player blocking system is also an innovation associated with the German license. Introduced to help player protection, this lock file causes confusion for some players. Because in addition to self-blocking, third-party blocking is now also possible. Family members, the authorities, but also online casino providers can block individual players. However, the OASIS blocking system does not only regulate the blocking in a specific online casino. Once blocked, it applies to all casinos.

Online casinos without a German license

However, there are also operators who do not use a German license to present their gambling offer. On this site Numerous of these providers are presented and compared with regard to their offer. Online casinos without a German license are often also declared as online casinos without a license. But this designation is misleading. Because these gambling providers also have a license. However, it does not come from the German gaming authority, but was usually awarded by a licensor from other European countries. Some of the best known and most popular gambling authorities in Europe include the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curaçao Gambling Commission. These licensors also conduct extensive reviews of potential providers before granting a license. The applicants are subjected to an examination with regard to their financial background, possible previous criminal offenses and criminal activities.

If a provider has received a license, regular checks are carried out by the gaming authority. These are intended to ensure that operators comply with the set standards in relation to digital gambling. In the course of the control, the authority ensures that there is no fraudulent activity and that player protection is required in addition to fair play. Apart from controls before licensing and during operation, the European gaming authorities do not specify any further measures in relation to the offer. Accordingly, no deposit and time limits apply here. The amount of deposits, but also the duration of the game can be determined by the players themselves. The authority has also not set any operating limits.

The comparison

In addition to some advantages, online casinos with a German license also offer numerous disadvantages for players. Because although all online casinos with a German license are reputable and secure gambling providers, where the Player protection high priority is awarded, the players have to accept many restrictions. Because the choice of the amount of the deposits and stakes is not up to the individual assessment, but to the specifications of the authority. But the range of games is also significantly smaller and the gaming experience is restricted by time limits and compulsory breaks.

In European licensed online casinos, players are free to choose the amount of deposits and wagers, but also the time spent. The range of games is also a lot more varied, since progressive jackpots, live casino games with real dealers, all classic table games and also the new trends are available to the players. The disadvantage of online casinos without a German license, however, is that in addition to the reputable and secure providers, dubious operators are also up to mischief in the gambling landscape. This makes it the players responsibility to find a reliable provider. Comparison portals can be a reliable partner for players who want to circumvent the restrictive requirements of the German license.

Casinos without a German license vs. casinos with a German license – conclusion

The players are as different and individual as the providers. Accordingly, it is difficult to make a recommendation for an online casino with or without a German license. Depending on the preferences and demands of each player, both variants offer both advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself extensively about the many possibilities.