The role-playing game for the well-known TV series "Avatar - The Lord of the Elements" was financed via a Kickstarter campaign in 2021. From 2023, the German edition of Avatar Legends – The Roleplaying Game will be published by Pegasus Games. As heroes with different talents, players can immerse themselves in the Avatar world and experience heroic adventures in five different eras.

The story of the young Avatar, an air nomad named Aang, who embarks on a journey to save the world and end a 100-year war has enthralled millions. In addition to the series "Avatar - The Last Airbender" and the follow-up series "The Legend of Korra", various comics, novels and video games appeared in the Avatar universe.

Kickstarter campaign funded in 16 minutes

In August 2021, a Kickstarter campaign for a role-playing game adaptation was released and funded after just 16 minutes. Thanks to the collaboration between Magpie Games and Pegasus Spiele, Avatar Legends - The Roleplaying Game will be published by Pegasus Spiele in the German version, starting with the core rulebook.

Based on the Powered by the Apocalypse rules, the RPG allows players to embody their own heroes, drawn from one of the four nations - Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation - or from Republica, the capital of the United Republic of Nations. come. As in the animated series, the players then embark on a journey through the entire Avatar world. Perhaps their paths will lead them to the mysterious Ba Sing Se, to the idyllic ash island or even to the spirit world. Your adventures can play in five different eras, each with a different avatar. Depending on which era they choose, they may also encounter Aang or Korra on their travels.

Although only the avatar can tame all four elements - water, fire, earth and air - the world offers enough space for other heroes who have mastered one of the elements or who are true masters of weapons or technology are valid. Regardless of their choice of training, players can hone their characters' skills throughout the game to get ever closer to their goal: restore balance to the world to make it a better place.

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