A skiing holiday together can be very relaxing. Especially in the evenings when the weather does not make it advisable to stay outdoors, a game evening together can be socially connecting and very relaxing.

Sometimes you sit down at the table with a glass of wine - or a glass of apple juice for the children - and celebrate your skiing holiday a nice picture frameshowing the snow covered landscape of the resort. There are many different board games on offer, with the famous “Maleficent” or “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” being among the most important board games.

Which game you ultimately choose is up to the individual. Most of the time you end up with the classic "Man does not annoy you". Whether you start with it or not is an open question. The main advantages of this game are that it can be played very quickly. You decide at short notice whether another round should be played or not.

The best board games for game night

We have already introduced two important games. In this subsection, we want to introduce some lesser-known games that you may not have heard of. The game "Roll for it" has only come onto the market in the last few years and has quickly established itself as a very popular board game. The only disadvantage could be that the game is only sold in an English-language version. That shouldn't be a big problem, though, because the way you play is self-explanatory anyway.

Board games ensure cozy evenings on a skiing holiday. Photo: André Volkmann

Board games ensure cozy evenings on a skiing holiday. Photo: André Volkmann

Basically, the game is about the fact that the player has to achieve a suitable result of the dice in order to receive the best cards to win. It's a very fast-paced game that doesn't take up very much time. Another, very popular game, the game is Splendor. This is about trading in gems and also getting the best cards on the board. Both games do not cost a lot of money and can be ordered very cheaply on the Internet.

Criteria for choosing a board game

Basically, this question has already been dealt with and answered in detail in the chapters above. The secret of the answer is that you should choose the right game based on the time required. If you have longer time or want to take it, you should choose a game like Splendid or Malefiz.