A release of Battlefront 3 was considered safe by fans - at least that was suggested by the successes of Battlefront 2, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons, all of which were playfully convincing. According to an insider, EA may now have rejected a pitch on Battlefront 3.

Battlefront 3, fans were so sure, Electronic Arts couldn't avoid the realization of another Star Wars shooter. And if economic considerations did not play a role, the game would actually have been set. Now, however, an insider announces that after a conversation with a developer of DICE he wants to find out that Electronic Arts has rejected a Battlefront 3.

Sales threshold too high

Tom Henderson announced on Twitter that Electronic Arts had rejected the pitch because they would have to sell around 20 percent more copies of Battlefront 3 to collect the amount they had generated with Battlefont 2.

Numbers are not provided, partly because the terms of the contract between Disney and Electronic Arts have not been made public. It is clear, however, that EA pays fees to the license holder. If the insider's statement is correct, this would give an idea of ​​how immensely the licensing has to be reflected in the costs. Battlefront 3 would obviously have been a risk for EA, not least because sales of the predecessor fell short of expectations. And: So far, EA has been the exclusive partner for Star Wars video games. That has changed recently, because now also mixes Ubisoft strong with.

Nevertheless, the following applies: EA could possibly have rejected a Battlefront 3, but EA had in the meantime stated that it wanted to continue developing Star Wars games. The insider said there are currently two games in development, one of which is a single-player story game. It could be the successor to the grandiose Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order act.

Apparently DICE is in the concept phase for a new game, but what it is is unclear. So it doesn't have to be a Star Wars title.

If the rumors come true and Battlefront 3 doesn't actually appear - or not in the foreseeable future - it would be bitter for fans. However, players do not have to do without video games with a Star Wars license entirely. By "opening" the license to other studios as well, significantly more titles could appear in the future than previously thought possible.


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