Joy at Asmodee and Repos: 7 Wonders Architects has been awarded the “Generational Game” seal of quality. With this seal, the game café of the generations awards board and card games that can be played particularly well between generations.

Since 2018, the association of the games café, together with a top-class advisory board made up of game connoisseurs, has been awarding titles that bring age groups together at the table.

7 Wonders Architects "Cross-Generation Playable"

The club's justification states: "The publisher has succeeded in producing the game material in a high-quality, clear manner that can be played across generations." The club particularly appreciated the clear design of the game material with its clearly recognizable symbols, the clearly structured instructions and the balanced claims for each age group. "An easy game that gives experienced players no significant advantage over the less experienced. Quickly explained, played easily thanks to the very clearly designed cards and markers, and also because of the inviting graphics - this is how playing is fun, for young and old alike."

This is the second award for a game from the Asmodee range: The strategy game Splendor by the Space Cowboys was already able to adorn itself with the seal in 2019.

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