The gaming industry has been growing steadily for several years. In the meantime, not only are real gaming fans playing who spend hours in front of the console; even players who only want to gamble occasionally get into the increasingly popular online games. Anyone who likes online and offline games has probably already dealt with the topic of gaming events. And while one might at first think that these events are reserved for the intensive gamers and nerds, this prejudice is absolutely not the reality. In this article we will look at why these events can be an interesting matter for everyone.

Everyone is welcome!

Even if many do not assume at first: Gamers are usually a very open people. You don't have to be a pro to take part in a gaming event and have fun with it. Casual gamers and interested parties are just as welcome as beginners and absolute newbies in the gaming scene. The professionals like to show beginners a few tricks and provide advice.

Not just games

Even if the name suggests: A gaming event is not all about games. And even if you are more of a fan of simple games or games at NetBet Online Spielothek Germany or NetBet Austria Casino Online are - at a gaming event there is something for every taste.

Overall, the continued Gaming industry around 2019 billion euros in 6,2. In addition to the games, the hardware also plays an important part. Even gaming fairs and events rarely focus solely on the games. Here you will also find innovations relating to the equipment that you need to play. After all, when it comes to gaming, the console or mobile device and other equipment such as gamepads, joysticks and headsets are also important.

New trends

One of the main reasons people go to a gaming event is because it is where the hottest new trends can be found. Many new games even celebrate their first release there and fans have the opportunity to buy the latest games on the market, even if they are already sold out in stores.

For the well-known game manufacturers, the presentation of new games at the events is the ideal form of advertising. They also make fans curious about the new products that await them in the future.

Interesting acquaintances

An incredible number of people cavort at a gaming event. At the Gamescom in Cologne for example, nearly 400.000 visitors take part each year. The digital version of the fair in 2020 even had a total of over 10 million virtual viewers.

Events like this are perfect for interaction between exhibitors and visitors. There new acquaintances can be made and contacts made.

Free Trial

Probably one of the coolest things at trade fairs: You can try everything! The game manufacturers usually set up a station at their stands where those interested can try out classics and new games. Often there is even the opportunity to try out games that are still in the middle of development!

This can be particularly helpful for newcomers to the gaming scene, because it allows them to find out whether they are enjoying the game or genre in question - and if not, just test the next game!