This year Civilization is celebrating its 30th birthday. In light of this significant milestone, Firaxis and 2K are celebrating three decades of great CIV players with new challenges, funny surprises and great offers.

Sid Meier, creator of Civilization, starts the party with a blog post about the series' successful design and convincingly human core Civilization. com .

Sid Meier: "We appreciate you"

The Canadian game designer Sid Meier speaks up personally to take a look at the successful brand in view of the anniversary. It has created a lot - from F 15 Strike Eagle to Gunship to Pirates! Since the beginning of the nineties, however, the name Sid Meier has been primarily associated with the Civilization series, in which he immortalized himself. In the third part of the series, Meier appears as a science advisor. The developer writes on the anniversary:

"Hello everyone - this is Sid Meier speaking!

As many players have seen for themselves over the past 30 years, Civilization is famous for the “just one more turn” phenomenon - you just want to play a quick game and then look at the clock to see that it's somehow already done 2 a.m. Over the years the question has arisen time and again why this phenomenon occurs so frequently. The developer can answer that we offer the players short-term, medium-term and long-term goals that they deal with at the same time: You choose an area to build a city, determine your preferences in terms of technologies, buildings and means of production, and you have with a vision in the back of your mind, of course, of what size civilization will eventually reach and what kind of victory you are striving for. Civilization is designed in such a way that the players are pushed further and further - be it the discovery of a new technology or the exploration of an unknown continent: there is always something to do.

But good game design is not an adequate explanation of how we achieved 30 years of civilization. In order to understand this, I believe we have to delve deeper into the matter. What is the value that Civilization offers its players? What is special about the civilization players? It could be a cultural affinity or an interest in history, but there are other historically-oriented games out there as well. Players may just appreciate the high quality game design, but other games are professionally developed as well.

I believe it is what I consider to be a deeply rooted human quality: the desire to shape, shape and change the way of humanity for the better, the great vision and the tools, that vision then to become a reality. In principle, all games are about the fulfillment of a desire for power; you can do things that you can't do in real life. Some of them are of a rather fantastic nature, for example when you can use your magical powers to defeat dragons. Others, on the other hand, simulate real life, but without the risk of real physical injuries - why not take the curve at an extremely high speed in the race?

In Civilization, you can lead your people to prosperity through peace, not war. Or you can create a civilization that values ​​art and culture more than anything. You can found a religion and spread it around the world and you can take active action to slow down and even stop climate change.

And that's why you are at the center of our extraordinary anniversary for us. For 30 years you, the players, have been the center of the series by seizing the power to shape the world, to be rulers of your own realms, to stand the test of time. You slip into the role of leaders, rewrite history from scratch and build better worlds for your people. In Civilization, cities have been built whose efficiency far exceeds reality. You have become master diplomats and the horror of your enemies.

We want to keep the spotlight on you and your unique achievements in Civilization. This incredible moment for Civilization is yours.

We appreciate you.”

In 1991, the first part of the series was released, which continues to delight millions of players around the world. The current offshoot Civilization VI was published in autumn 2016.

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